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User Info: catimakittycat

5 years ago#1 the only reason I'm getting a Vita! If they don't release it in the US, I'm gonna be so bummed out!

User Info: Xun Yu

Xun Yu
5 years ago#2
It's not the only reason I'm getting a vita(there are a lot of other games I'm going to get), but it's definitely the top of the list.

User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#3
It's the first reason why I'm getting a Vita, but I refuse to let it be my only reason.

I generally have a rule about consoles where I refuse to buy them until there is at least 10 exclusive titles that I want.

The Vita has a couple coming up, but P4: G is the one I'm most excited for.
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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#4
Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and maybe Resistance Burning Skies if it's good, also Escape Plan too.

And I wish Tales of Innocence R already have English version announcement...
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