Think there will be preorder bonus?

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User Info: mikehook1000

5 years ago#21
I would love some making of features and a massive full colored persona encyclopedia. Please make this happen Atlus.

User Info: Probit_Return

5 years ago#22
Encephlon posted...
Teddie doll, you know you want it

Already have the one that came with the Social Link Expansion Pack, if by doll you are referring to a plush doll, so it'd be a bit disappointing for me (not that I don't love Atlus Spoils incentives, but I wouldn't know what to do with two). Personally, I'd like something like the glasses or Yosuke's headphones or something cool like the Junpei hat that came with P3P. A tarot deck based on the in-game deck would be awesome too.

User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#23
I guess that Mary's Velvet Room Vita Pouch thing could be a hot contender for the pre-order bonus. It wouldn't surprise me to see it.
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User Info: demonsword765

5 years ago#24

From: Probit_Return | #022
Yosuke's headphones

I seriously doubt Atlus is gonna bundle headphones with Golden as a pre-order bonus. Headphones are too costly to consider the profit margin, even if they're cheap-ass Skullcandys.

I'm going with the Marie Pouch as well.
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User Info: Probit_Return

5 years ago#25
The pouch is probably the most likely thing, but a man can dream.
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