Kanji's New Evolved Persona

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User Info: Zeruel

5 years ago#1
Kanji's upgraded Persona is named Takejizaiten. Here's a pic.

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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#2
That mustache already bested Turn A.

And, yay, for home gardening & making a snowman with Nanako.
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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#3
Kanji is currently winning Best New Persona

-takes the trophy back from Personald McDonald and gives it to this dude-
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User Info: Xun Yu

Xun Yu
5 years ago#4
Yeah I agree, that's the best new one so far. So classy.

User Info: T_Ace

5 years ago#5
Holy crap. That does look awesome.
"Favored by the world my ass...I'm going to say it flat out. You're nothing but a worthless criminal!!!"
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User Info: Kanal5nail

5 years ago#6
Looks like a white iron Giant from Final Fantasy, but I like it.

User Info: FScell

5 years ago#7
Stache is secured. All is well.
What can change the nature of a man?

User Info: Synyard

5 years ago#8
Wow! Flame decals! It looks like he could maybe actually be on fire!!!

Really guys? Flame decals? And people think they look good?
"It's not working. The banana is not melting."

User Info: demonsword765

5 years ago#9
Stache is kept. All is right with the world.
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User Info: SmashStrike

5 years ago#10
Once again, Kanji rocks.
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