Kanji's New Evolved Persona

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User Info: Monkmaster79

5 years ago#11
That stache is beast!

I still like Yosuke's new persona more though.
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User Info: Melcheesedek

5 years ago#12
Holy s***. I would definitely have no problems seeing that in every battle.
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User Info: Haru_Haruhi

5 years ago#13
Man, I love Yukiko's face in that scooter pic.
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User Info: saturn_frogurt

5 years ago#14
Nnnnnope, still not going to use Kanji.
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User Info: SKEWER_007

5 years ago#15
That.....is freaking BEASTLY!!!! :D

the "unison raids" look really cool. (kanji and naoto have one. yay) let's hope that they are useful in game.
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