Fun Topic! Make a trophy for Persona 4!!!

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User Info: gogogosuper

5 years ago#1
I'll start.

You Got a Friend In Me!
-Max Out a Social Link

User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#2
The Pimp.
- Max Romance all of Female S. Links.
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User Info: orpheus_telos84

5 years ago#3
Modest_Modsoul posted...
The Pimp.
- Max Romance all of Female S. Links.

I came here to say this.

The fog: faces the true final boss.

Cyberpunk: defeat labrys (if they make her a secret boss)
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User Info: Zero6798

5 years ago#4
Know the power of the _______ (magician, sun, etc)
(max out social link with ____)

best friends forever
(max out all social links)

learn to write a book
(obtain 25% of arcana)

well on your way
(obtain 50%)

almost there
(obtain 75%)

Finished my first book!
(obtain all arcana)

I'll face myself
(witness the true ending)

the loss of nanako
(witness the bad ending)

Top student
(obtain top rank in all school tests)

a friend in need
(rescue yosuke)

even a friend needs a friend
(rescue chie)

like a bird in a cage
(rescue yukiko)

(rescue kanji)

such a tease
(defeat rise's shadow)

2 for the price of 1
(rescue teddy and rise)

gender swap
(rescue naoto)

once a fool always a fool
(max out fool arcana)

good Samaritan
(complete 1 quest)

very good samaritin
(complete 25% of quests)

extremly good samaritan
(complete 50%)

wow he's good
(complete 75%)

the best samaritan
(complete all quests)

i will survive
(complete the game on hard)

walk in the park
(complete the game on easy)
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User Info: gogogosuper

5 years ago#5
Nice to Meet You
-Created a save file.

Picky, Picky
-Made changes in settings.

User Info: abyss808

5 years ago#6
Mixed Persona - Aquire your first persona from fusing
Scratched! - Aquire a different persona by mistake from fusing
??? - Aquire a stronger persona from fusing.

User Info: fighting_idiot

5 years ago#7
Fishing Master: Catch the legendary fish

Idol: Complete all social links and all quests

Money man: Get at least 3 million yen

Unbeatable: Defeat the secret boss

One man army: Defeat the secret boss alone

Failure: Fail to save someone before time runs out

President's list: Get top marks in all the exams

Accidents happen: Get a fusion accident
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User Info: Bulzeeb3088

5 years ago#8
The Omen
- Fuse Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, and Helel.

The Strength of Heart
- Fuse Izanagi-No-Okami

The Limit
- Reach Level 99

Inner Potential
- Raise any Persona to Level 99

Need a Boost?
- Obtain all three EXP boosting equipment on one file

Truly a Remarkable Guest
- Fill the Compendium to 100%

Now the Real Fun Begins
- Start a file on New Game +
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User Info: Nowujalo

5 years ago#9
Domestic Abuse(Keep that pimp hand strong)

Deafeted the TRUE Final Boss solo and with Izanagi
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User Info: DeathunterOmega

5 years ago#10
The Fool:
Have Izanagi equipped for the entire game.
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