Persona CYOA: Reverie of Memories (Part 3) *Progressive Spoilers*

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User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#1
This is a new story derived from the Persona 3 & 4 universe. Unfortunately this was made before the new ToU was made so you new readers will be thrust into the middle of the story. You can read the past entries on Google Docs. Read part four because it's rather sparse and gives you a general idea of what's happening (Beware, P3 spoilers). Also, I've gotten lazy, so I haven't been updating it recently. Just search "CYOA" in the search bar for this board and you'll find the entries I haven't bothered to put into the Google Docs.

I won't pretend that it's not a lot. Just read it if you're interested. If not, I've made a story summary (Which will be posted on the next post), though it's a bit of a read, it's infinitely faster than just reading everything. There's also a character list to show all the characters and cameos that have shown up.

Diclaimer - This CYOA assumes that all the events in Persona 3 and 4 happened. As such, there will be plot elements from those games which will be used in this CYOA's plot. If you do not wish to be spoiled, it's best if you sit this one out.

If you have survived this introduction, then great! You can read the following story summary or just jump in. Up to you.
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User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#2
Story so far:
The year is 2022. The story begins with our hero, Kaito Kiyomizu coming to the once booming economic giant that is Hisokuto. Hisokuto is not exactly a small town, but is far from a bustling city like Tokyo. In any case, Kaito has come here because he has been kicked out of his last high school. Kaito is not a delinquent, but simply doesn’t do anything. He hasn’t done much since that incident. He’s been juggled between many relatives, but this time he is allowed to live on his own.

Kaito eventually goes to Meguro High. The school he’ll be attending for the year. Kaito doesn’t have any hopes for the coming year.

Kaito goes to homeroom and meets the overly energetic Misako Yamamoto and her friend since grade school, Hiroshi Mori. The room is later visited by the teacher, Ms. Yamagishi. Yes, that Ms. Yamagishi.

And once school’s over, he meets Officer Amada who is being tormented by the recently transferred Captain Satonaka. Yes, that Amada and that Satonaka. Also, Officer Amada has a dog named Koromaru who takes an immediate liking to Kaito for some reason. Yes, that Koromaru.

Afterwards, Kaito walks home alongside his new acquaintances, despite not requesting it. They inform him that he is living in Yakuza territory, but Kaito could care less.

Kaito hears that there have been increasing numbers of people inflicted with never-ending nightmares, leaving them unable to wake up. Ironically, he contracts this after watching a marathon of Japanese game shows.

He finds himself in a Dream World (This term will be used to refer to this world). Kaito encounters a mysterious cloaked figure and forces him to relive the most traumatic event of his life. The moment his parents die.

Kaito finds himself in his father's car accompanied by his mother. Stereotypical car crash ensues.

Kaito covers his face with his hands and pulls them away, only to find his parent's blood dripping off his hands. His hands shake and tears well up in MC's eyes. However, a voice appears out of nowhere...

Thou art I... And I am thou...

Afterwards, Kaito can visit the dreams of others and summon the Persona, Odysseus. So Kaito’s main objective is to free the people stuck in their never ending nightmares. Kaito rescues his friends and each of them relives their most traumatic event to awaken their Persona with Katio's help. Apparently this leads to a domino effect which gives other people an easier chance to wake up, though only people with contact with Kaito will acquire a Persona and the ability to enter the Dream World at will.

Later, Kaito comes to command a second Persona, Apollo, through the use of an evoker which was found while he was battling a mysterious shadow who called himself the “Harbinger of Death.” After that battle, Kaito contracts a temporary coma and where he meets Shinjiro Aragaki, who’s been waiting to get out of his coma for 12 years.

Kaito also mysteriously comes to own the Persona, Orpheus which happened to show up in the Compendium for no reason.

Eventually Kaito tells of his experiences to Ms. Yamagishi and Officer Amada who in turn inform their old team. Mitsuru and Akihiko arrive on the scene and eventually ask Kaito if he knows anything about “The Fall.” Upon its mention, Kaito can’t seem to get “The Fall” out of his head. Later on, he is told that the Kirijo Group apparently believes that The Fall could happen again due to the events in the city being very similar to those prior to the first coming of The Fall. Kaito eventually comes to meet Yu Narukami who currently described by Mitsuru as the most powerful Persona user. His appearence has not yet been explained, but he claims he's willing to make a sacrifice.

Kaito hears from Phobetor that he is intended to be a "sacrifice" and meets a mysterious blonde girl who he somehow recognizes...
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#3
Well, this is just sad. You could always turn a blind eye and leave him to his troubles, but you can't help but feel the good Samaritan within you begging to be led out. Of course Japan doesn't have a good Samaritan law for civilians, but that's besides the point...

You approach the man. The man appears to be having trouble directing the crutches onto the stairs and has some coordination problems in general. After the fifth or so failed attempt, you ask him if he needs help. His ears perk up and he turns his head and sees you.

You don't want to say anything, but his left eye appears... strange, to say the least. The iris is much more darker than his right one and you can see several red marks surrounding it. Similarly, the left side of his face seems deeply scarred and darker in tone than the rest of his pale face. His features give an air of roughness and brutality.

"Whatchu want...?"

You repeat your question.

"I don't need anything from you. Leave me alone."

... He continues trying to climb up the stairs, but to no avail. Judging from his rather large (well, larger than yours) muscles the problem isn't that he can't carry himself up the stairs. More like he can't seem to get in a position to utilize his strength.

Even though he's told you to back off, you decide yo help him up anyways. Besides, you're going the same way and he's in the way.

You go under his arm and just tell him to grab onto you. Unfortunately for you, the first attempt doesn't end well and only when the two of you struggle and he ends up at the bottom of the stairs does he finally accept your help.


Oh god... He's heavy...!

Eventually you make it to the second floor, which is both your guys' destination. Before stepping off the stairs, you tell the man you need a moment to catch your breath.

"You need to get out more, kid..."

He lets go of you and grabs his crutches. He presumably has it taken are of from here. Still, you decide to escort him further in until the both of you realize that you're next-door neighbors.

... Well, this is... something.

The man thinks nothing of it, but does have something to say.

"Well, I guess I have to thank you, kid... So, thanks."

He unlocks his door and starts walking in before you decide to formally introduce yourself. Before you can say your name though, he stops you and says, "I don't need to know."

Well, can you at least know what to call him?

"Just call me D."

He closes the door immediately after that. Well, you better go home. It's been a long night...

... You jump into bed and close your eyes, ready to face the world tomorrow.

You wake up the next morning with a yawn. You jump out of bed and prepare for school like always. You greet Rokusho and give him his breakfast and what you got him from the festival.

You walk out into the hallway and close the door behind you. You glance at the door next to yours. Of course it's closed... You wonder what D is doing... Eh, it's probably none of your business.


You arrive at school and mentally prepare yourself for a day of fun and excitement! Yeah, not really...


You actually managed to stay awake today, even though you're still tired from yesterday's festivities. You remember that there's cooking club today, so you better get there.

You walk in. Even though you've established a place in this club, you still feel rather nervous when you walk into the room. In any case, you prepare for another culinary disaster.

What should you do?

A) Make something for you to eat.
B) Make something with (specify) in mind.
C) See what the others are making.
D) Leave.
E) Hang out with (specify) instead.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#4
4th Character Popularity Poll Results

Characters in first slot get five points, characters in the second get four and so on. I only did the math once because I'm lazy, so numbers might be off.

1.) Tsukiko Nakagawa (Average of 2.928)

2.) Kaito Kiyomizu (Average of 2.714)
Second place? Geez, this is just like that race. Minus the sweat and heat stroke of course.

3.) Emi Kaneko (Average of 2.142)
"T-thank you...!"

4.) Suzu Suzuki (Average of 1.571)
"What the hell happened?"

5.) Hiroshi Mori (Average of 1.5)
"Hello last pl... Wait, I'm higher than Misako?"

6.) Haru-senpai (Average of 1.285)
"Wow, thanks!"

7.) Misako Yamamoto (Average of 1.214)
"Uh... Sorry, did I do something wrong?"

8.) Professor Takahishi (Average of 1.071)
"How do you people keep following me?!"

9.) Nanako Dojima (Average of .214)
"Everyday's great at your Junes~!"

10.) Kameyo (Average of .142)
It looks at you with a pleading face... Perhaps it wants you to donate something to the shrine?

11.) Jordan Al-Salam, Echiro Yokoyama, and Kenji Watanabe (Average of .071)
"What are you reading there, friend?"
"Some foreign literature, I don't know from where though."
"Fascinating, let me have a look."
"You kids need a hobby..."

Well, I'm... surprised at the results.

Tsukiko remains dominant while Kaito is rising higher in the top three. Emi stumbles into Top Three, while Suzu has fallen out of it for the first time. Hiroshi seems to be a bit more popular than before and Suzu's senpai is still racking up points despite limited interaction with her.

Misako's popularity is at an all time low. sadface.jpg

And well... This was meant for original characters only, but apparently someone voted for Nanako. So... Yeah. You guys haven't seen the last of her though.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: _Final_Phoenix_

5 years ago#5
B) Misako. Now that I think about it, I don't think Kaito really consoled her for nearly killing him. Or did he? I forgot.
PSN: xero93

User Info: TrueScissorsman

5 years ago#6
_Final_Phoenix_ posted...
B) Misako. Now that I think about it, I don't think Kaito really consoled her for nearly killing him. Or did he? I forgot.


User Info: tadakun

5 years ago#7
B. Misako

They made up on the train ride back. Basically Kaito told Misako isn't Misako when she isn't acting like Misako (that made sense right?) and forgave her. I'm pretty sure that's how it went... I think.

I seriously laughed out loud at Suzu's quote.
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User Info: PeckingBird

5 years ago#8
B. Misako

All Tsu can say is Okay after getting first? Wow, oh wow.
Shadow Trixie

User Info: retceps

5 years ago#9
HAHAHA!! Emi at top 3!! LOL at Hiro's quote.

B) Make something with Emi in mind.

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#10
You sigh, trying to think of what sort of inedible disaster will come from your twisted mind today. You don't feel particularly hungry today (surprisingly), so perhaps you shouldn't make something... Well, you could always make something for someone else; it'd be a shame for this opportunity to go to waste, especially since these ingredients aren't coming out of your personal wallet.

Eh, the first person that comes to mind is Misako. Hopefully she won't mind your amateur cooking skills. You figure you'll just make a simple rice dish with some hearty pieces of teriyaki chicken and some fresh (hopefully) vegetables. Unlike your own meals, you actually put some effort into making everything perfect, since you're trying to make a good impression and all. You fry an egg and add it to the box as well. The yellow yolk reminds you of Misako's sunny personality.

As you make all the finishing touches, you take a moment to recount everything that has happened...

A year ago, you could never picture yourself doing something like this, especially for a girl. But this girl is special. Well, not like that, but she was the first one to talk to you on your first day of school. On that first day, you were feeling pretty cynical about the coming year and were fully prepared for another year of complete isolation. But Misako completely threw that out the window. Not that you mind.

Of course, your life changed because of what happened that night, but Misako helped ease you into your newly born social life. Would your life have gone on the same if Misako didn't talk to you that faithful day?

Enough of feeling sentimental, you're done. Considering that it's almost the end of lunch time and that Misako usually brings her lunch, you figure you'd deliver it to her after school.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth
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