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User Info: Phantom0708

5 years ago#1
So, who did YOU guys get with in your playthroughs of P4?

Personally, bonuses aside, I chose Naoto, simply because her Character is a lot cooler than the others
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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#2
I went with Rise, and decided to stay as a one woman man.
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User Info: _Final_Phoenix_

5 years ago#3
Naoto and Rise; Naoto because she's the best character, imo, and Rise just for her xmas gift, which I thought would be the most helpful gameplay wise. Otherwise, I just woulda stuck with Naoto.

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#4
Everyone except Naoto and Ai.

I think I was guilted into most of them though. I don't like spurning feelings, so I guess I'm too nice for my own good.

Spent Christmas with Chie after a small debate in my mind.
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User Info: Fortecross

5 years ago#5
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User Info: SmashStrike

5 years ago#6
Chie/Ai. Yukiko (as well as the other minor girls) are pretty flat, I enjoy Naoto's friend rout 100x more then her lover one, and as for Rise...

...I don't know about Rise. She makes me love her and pisses me off at the same time... Eh, I guess make that Chie/Ai/Rise.
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User Info: demonsword765

5 years ago#7
Pimp, da ze!
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User Info: Tayo2345

5 years ago#8
To be perfectly honest I can NOT stand Chie at ALL.

I stopped using her on my New Game Plus as soon as she was no longer mandatory (she's level 13 on that file, and I'm at the end of the final dungeon), and never hung out with her.

Anyway back to the topic at hand:

I accidentally friendzoned myself with Ai on my first playthrough.

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User Info: oemzed

5 years ago#9
Ai all the way!!! She was my favorite girl, but yeah, I was friend zoned my first play through too. So I went with Chie because she was the second girl IMO. But the second time through, Ai was my lady!

User Info: Goten55

5 years ago#10

From: Strain42 | #002
I went with Rise, and decided to stay as a one woman man.

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