Am I the only one who doesn't like Kanji?

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  3. Am I the only one who doesn't like Kanji?

User Info: MHCT

5 years ago#41
Kanji is such a great character. My absolute favorite from P4.

User Info: Lost7th

5 years ago#42
Strain42 posted...
It's true that game doesn't exactly say there was ever a time in Naoto's life where people didn't believe in her or take her seriously because she was a female (in fact it doesn't make much sense when IIRC the game says both her parents are successful detectives, which would presumably include her mother)

It all just comes from Naoto being...well...nuts. She read a bunch of mystery novels as a girl and just assumed that she could never be her own vision of an ideal detective because she didn't have a winkle. While it's possible some of this is aided by how people treated her, her biggest obstacle always seems like it's been her own self-esteem

If she'd just picked up a V.I. Warshawski, Kinsey Millhone, Ms. Marple, Cordelia Gray (who I think would've been great for Naoto as she is a very young detective who took over the detective business from her parents who is often told that investigating is a mans game but she sticks with it anyway), or any number of other great mystery novels with kickass female detectives once in a while she might've been fine.

Hell, there are even Japanese Detectives she could've looked into like Catherine Turner or Tortoiseshell Holmes (okay, admittedly the latter is a cat, but still a female cat)

she could have picked up a goddamn Nancy drew.

the problem with Naoto is that both her gender issue and her femininity issues are both already covered better by Kanji and Chie respectively.

you change it so she hates being a kid like her dungeon and entire personality this far would have implied and lo and behold she brings something new to the table but they killed that by having her have gender issues
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User Info: Neonivek

5 years ago#43
Naoto's dilemma is easier to understand if you are Japanese where being a woman is a much bigger detriment for what she is trying to achieve.

There was a show I once watched where this girl wanted to become a great detective and mom and the response was to give her weird looks and to say "Arn't those incompatable?"

User Info: Rolanberry

5 years ago#44
ehh...Kanji was ok. I liked him alot more when he wasn't trying so hard to not be gay

Besides him and Chie I really couldn't stand the rest of the party.

User Info: RyuDJZ

5 years ago#45
I love each and every character in this game because they give the player insight on the several different types of people in the world (mainly through the social links), relating to what I believe is a larger theme in the game of accepting/appreciating people (including yourself) for who they are. Even if you don't like a character's personality or motives, you should be able to learn something from them. You gotta open your third eye. But hey, that's just my opinion.

User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#46
Yosuke taught me how to be a better person.

By me making sure I do the exact opposite of whatever he would do in a given situation.

Cop tells you to put the weapons down, fake or otherwise? Don't start waving them around like a lunatic and just put the damn weapons down before calmly explaining the situation.
Friend cooked a bad meal? Offer constructive criticism rather than shatter their self-esteem
Friends get well justified revenge for a stupid stunt I pulled? Take it with good humor and try to look at the positives rather than complain non-stop
Face to face with a possible murderer? Don't pick the clearly traumatized rambling man up off the floor by his hospital gown and shove him into the murderous magical TV world

It's all about the learning :)

...I'll stop.
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