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User Info: RKOMe2011

5 years ago#1
Is this game touch screen or Diagonal Pad I know that some Vita games are Touch such as Mortal Kombat but Im not sure on Persona.

I was wanting to know is Persona going to be Touch or Diagonal Pad.

Right now Im killing time going through my PS2 SMT Collection currently replayin Persona 3 original then Persona 3 FES then P4 maybe my DDS and other SMT games.

I am a big time SMT fan not just cause of Persona I played the old school ones on the SNES days those were old school dugeon crawlers.

People think these began with Persona nope they began on the SNES days and Persona is its own story just has SMT in the name.

Such as Noctune, DDS, Devil and others Persona is its own story line.

This is going to be so friggin awesome I can play Persona 4 waiting on my mamaw stiing in a doctors office for 3 hrs.

I can play Persona laying on my bed or sitting in my chair or outside on my Porch.

Now if only Vita would make a new WWE game.

Oh yeah Persona 5.

User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#2
Okay...ya got a little tangenty and even a little bit condescending there, but to answer what I can only assume is your original question.

I wouldn't be surprised if maybe there's some element of touch screen use in this game (front or back, dunno) but I'm not sure if any has been confirmed or not.

Wouldn't surprise me if a bit was thrown in as a gimmick, but I don't think it's gonna be a major part of play.
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User Info: bakedrice

5 years ago#3
It's probably going to use D-pad controls to make it feel more like a console style rpg.
if they do add in the touch screen, it will probably be like Devil survivor or Strange journey where it's just there, or they might throw in some form of minigame with the touchscreen (not likely)
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User Info: teffy

5 years ago#4
...It's DIRECTIONAL Pad... Why would it be diagonal? Are you using it exclusively to move like a Bishop in chess?
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