Persona CYOA: Reverie of Memories (Part 4) *Progressive Spoilers*

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User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#1
This is a new story derived from the Persona 3 & 4 universe. You can read the past entries on Google Docs.Also, I've gotten lazy, so I haven't been updating it recently. Just search "CYOA" in the search bar for this board and you'll find the entries I haven't bothered to put into the Google Docs.

I won't pretend that it's not a lot. Just read it if you're interested. If not, I've made a story summary (Which will be posted on the next post), though it's a bit of a read, it's infinitely faster than just reading everything. There's also a character list to show all the characters and cameos that have shown up.

Diclaimer - This CYOA assumes that all the events in Persona 3 and 4 happened. As such, there will be plot elements from those games which will be used in this CYOA's plot. If you do not wish to be spoiled, it's best if you sit this one out.

If you have survived this introduction, then great! You can read the following story summary or just jump in. Up to you.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#2
Story so far:
The year is 2022. The story begins with our hero, Kaito Kiyomizu coming to the once booming economic giant that is Hisokuto. Hisokuto is not exactly a small town, but is far from a bustling city like Tokyo. In any case, Kaito has come here because he has been kicked out of his last high school. Kaito is not a delinquent, but simply doesn’t do anything. He hasn’t done much since that incident. He’s been juggled between many relatives, but this time he is allowed to live on his own.

Kaito eventually goes to Meguro High. Kaito goes to homeroom and meets the overly energetic Misako Yamamoto and her friend since grade school, Hiroshi Mori. The room is later visited by the teacher, Ms. Yamagishi. Yes, that Ms. Yamagishi.

And once school’s over, he meets Officer Amada who is being tormented by the recently transferred Captain Satonaka. Yes, that Amada and that Satonaka. Also, Officer Amada has a dog named Koromaru who takes an immediate liking to Kaito for some reason. Yes, that Koromaru.

Kaito hears that there have been increasing numbers of people inflicted with never-ending nightmares, leaving them unable to wake up. Ironically, he contracts this the same night.

He finds himself in a Dream World (This term will be used to refer to this world). Kaito encounters a mysterious cloaked figure and forces him to relive the most traumatic event of his life. The moment his parents die.

Kaito finds himself in his father's car accompanied by his mother. Stereotypical car crash ensues.

Kaito covers his face with his hands and pulls them away, only to find his parent's blood dripping off his hands. His hands shake and tears well up in MC's eyes. However, a voice appears out of nowhere...

Thou art I... And I am thou...

Afterwards, Kaito can visit the dreams of others and summon the Persona, Odysseus. So Kaito’s main objective is to free the people stuck in their never ending nightmares. Kaito rescues his friends and each of them relives their most traumatic event to awaken their Persona with Katio's help. Apparently this leads to a domino effect which gives other people an easier chance to wake up, though only people with contact with Kaito will acquire a Persona and the ability to enter the Dream World at will.

Later, Kaito comes to command a second Persona, Apollo, through the use of an evoker which was found while he was battling a mysterious shadow who called himself the “Harbinger of Death.” After that battle, Kaito contracts a temporary coma and where he meets Shinjiro Aragaki, who’s been waiting to get out of his coma for 12 years.

Kaito also mysteriously comes to own the Persona, Orpheus which happened to show up in the Compendium for no reason.

Eventually Kaito tells of his experiences to Ms. Yamagishi and Officer Amada and in turn is contacted by the Kirijo Group and is asked if he knows about, "The Fall". Upon its mention, Kaito can’t seem to get “The Fall” out of his head. Later on, he is told that the Kirijo Group apparently believes that The Fall could happen again due to the events in the city being very similar to those prior to the first coming of The Fall. Kaito eventually comes to meet Yu Narukami who currently described by Mitsuru as the most powerful Persona user. His appearence has not yet been explained, but he claims he's willing to make a sacrifice.

Kaito hears from Phobetor that he is intended to be a "sacrifice" and meets a mysterious blonde girl named Aigis.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#3
Character Popularity Poll

1) Tsukiko Nakagawa (3.3 Vote Average)

2) Emi Kaneko (2.92 Vote Average)
"T-thank you..."

3) Suzu Suzuki (2.07 Vote Average)
"Hmm... Well at least I'm higher than that slacker..."

4) Kaito Kiyomizu (1.923 Vote Average)
Goddamn it, Suzu...! Can't she just let you have this?

5) Megumi Haruguchi (1.307 Vote Average)
"Wow, I didn't know I was so popular!"

6) Nanako Dojima (1.07 Vote Average)
"Every day's great at your Junes~!"

7) Misako Yamamoto (.846 Vote Average)
"Oh... Okay... It's, *sniff* okay..."

8) Professor Takahishi (.769 Vote Average)
"I told you people, I want no part of this!"

9) Hiroshi Mori (.461 Vote Average)
"Well, back to the bottom of the list..."

10) Jordan al-Salam (.076 Vote Average)
"Hmm... Alright then..."

Well, this is depressing. The boys aren't getting enough love, so I'm going to intervene at some point.

Also, I still don't get why you guys adore Suzu's senpai. Especially over Misako... Geez, I'm going to have to work on her too then... ;_;

Forever Alone: 1
Plays for the other team: 0
Kaito x Misako: 4
Kaito x Suzu: 4
Kaito x Emi: 3
Kaito x Tsukiko: 4
Kaito x Nanako: 1
Don't care: 1

On the other hand... The camps seem evenly divided. I'm part of one of these camps as well, but I won't tell you guys who I'm rooting for because it might seem biased. Unless you guys want me to tell you, then whatever.

In any case. Give the guys some more love, alright? Life isn't just about girls.
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: PeckingBird

5 years ago#4
OMG, Haru-sempai actually has the name? I love the name "Megumi Haruguchi"!! Concidentally, she has her facebook too.
Shadow Trixie

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#5
You tell Suzu you'll stick around the shrine for a while. Suzu sighs, "Do whatever you want."

Alright... You will...!

You climb up the steps confidently and follow the little shrine maiden up to her domain. Upon reaching the summit, you sigh a breath of relief until you see a familiar animal standing before you.

Kameyo growls at you and tilts its head. You sigh and pull out a five yen coin and deposit it into the donation box. You look back to Kameyo who doesn't look satisfied. It shakes its head and moves in up and down as if urging you to do something. You sigh again and deposit another coin. And with that, the guardian is satisfied and starts waddling away. Now you remember why you don't go here that often.



"Psst... Over here...!"

You look towards the direction of the whispered voice and see nothing. Only a bush. Huh, must've been... Okay... A hand just popped out of that bush and is giving you a "come here" motion. You look around and see if any one else sees this...

You cautiously walk towards the bush. All of the sudden, a grown women pops her head out of the foliage and... Good god, it's her!

She looks at you with squinted eyes and starts talking in a hushed whisper, "You came with Suzu-chan...?" You nod slowly, not sure where she's going with this.

"Good, good... Now what you're going to need to do is stay here for dinner and compliment Suzu-chan on her cooking. Suzu-chan has a weak spot for that. Anyways, after dinner, butter her up some more, take her home, then..."

She pauses before her whole body emerges out of the bush and she shouts, "STRIKE!"

She quickly retreats back into her bush and whispers again, "Well, that's the plan... Got it?"


What should you do?

A) "Roger."
B) "Why are you in a bush...?"
C) "You're crazy."
D) "I-I told you, it's not like that...!"
E) "Does Suzu know you're doing this...?"
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth

User Info: PeckingBird

5 years ago#6
E, B and A.
Shadow Trixie

User Info: Lauren_Paups

5 years ago#7
FireDragoon18 posted...

On the other hand... The camps seem evenly divided. I'm part of one of these camps as well, but I won't tell you guys who I'm rooting for because it might seem biased. Unless you guys want me to tell you, then whatever.

Let me guess if I'm right. Misako?

PeckingBird posted...
E, B and A.

Go with this.

User Info: Pokedude21

5 years ago#8
C, E, then B

User Info: Old_Butler

5 years ago#9
PeckingBird posted...
E, B and A.
Would you like some tea, Sir/Mdm?

User Info: FireDragoon18

5 years ago#10
Why is she is in a bush...?

"Well, I obviously have to keep hidden so I can relay the game plan to you..."

Game plan, what game plan...? And even then, doesn't she think it's a bit suspicious for you to be talking to a bush of all things?

"Not suspicious. Weird."

... Well, you can't argue with that. You have been rather prone to some strange things today... And besides, you're plenty weird according to Misako and Tsukiko, surprisingly. Having one more person think that isn't going to matter.

So, are you correct to assume Suzu knows nothing of her senpai's efforts...?

"Of course, I have to appear like an adult to Suzu-chan!"

Well, she's doing a great job at that. The bush continues talking, "Don't worry about me, I got someone covering me." A thumbs up appear out of the bush. You look back and her brown-haired fried return the gesture.

God, it's like there's a conspiracy here...

Well, you can't really yell at her for going to such lengths to... "help" you out, even though you never asked for it or ever needed it...

You make a half-hearted salute and say you'll carry out the mission with a dispirited voice.

"Alright... I'll get into position and take care of the rest. Good luck~!"

... She's gone.

You wipe the sweat off your forehead and sigh. You feel your cheeks burning up from all of the implied courting in that conversation.

"Stop talking to the bush like a idiot."

Your back straightens as you return her order with compliance. Suzu walks up to you and says, "So you're still here, huh?"

You nod, nervously, your cheeks still rosy red. Suzu shakes her head, "Well, whatever... My senpai told me to invite you in for dinner." Suzu looks away, "D-don't get the wrong idea, it's just that she'd blow a gasket if I didn't."

It's started... Is it too late to back out?


You nervously keep to yourself as you are offered food and drinks. You thank everyone at the table and silently eat to yourself. You don't feel too comfortable in this place, so you decide to just keep quiet and get this over with. Unfortunately, the other ladies (Good god, you just realized you're surrounded by them...) don't seem to like the silence and strike up plenty of conversations with you.

"So you go to school with Suzu-chan?"
"What do you like to do?"
"You don't like to brush your hair, do you?"
"Your hair's so poofy!"

You nervously reply to each of their questions and remarks, trying to keep dialogue to a minimum.

Then all of the sudden, that lady pops out of nowhere and says, "You know, Suzu-chan made all the food tonight..." She looks at you and winks. You suddenly feel like throwing up.


What should you do?

A) "It's delicious, thank you!"
B) "You didn't poison this, did you?!"
C) "Wow, this tastes awful!"
D) "You're such a good cook, Suzu-chan!"
E) "More food please."
"I believe the proper phrase here is, 'You Fail'"-Miles Edgeworth
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