So who else is importing this?

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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#41
Diamond and Pearl came out while I was actually living in Japan, so I did make an exception and picked Pearl up on release date.

But I wouldn't pay the money to import it now that I'm back in the states.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
5 years ago#42
I imported Xenoblade, but that was the European version, and only because I didn't feel like waiting for an NA release that may not have even happened. It did of course, several months later, but I don't really regret it. It was worth every penny I paid for it =D

User Info: PsychoDantis

5 years ago#43
From: Super Slash | #037
I'll never understand why people import games they don't understand the language of.

I'm not speaking for everyone here, but I bet 90% of the users in this topic don't know a lick of Japanese, or not enough to really get by. I mean, it's not my place to say you should or shouldn't do it, but if you don't know Japanese then what's even the point? It's not worth the frustration required to memorize everything by the Japanese symbols IMO. Especially when you can just wait a few more months and get the whole thing in English.

Vita gathering dust. Haven't bought a new game in ages. Already know the core plot and S Links. And of course, a lack of patience.

My train of thought was like this: I thought about importing it, and asked my friends, who said it was dumb. Then I asked on here, and everyone said it was dumb. So then I wasn't going to. But then I realised that 65 isn't really that much for a one-off thing, and as long as I get, say, 15 hours out of it, then I've got my money's worth.

When they announced the new voice actors for Teddie and Chie, that just cemented it for me. I might not even get the English one, and just watch the new cutscenes on Youtube. I'll have already done the actual game content anyway.
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User Info: Sakura_Railgun

5 years ago#44
Super Slash posted...
I'll never understand why people import games they don't understand the language of.

Yea, I don't really know either. I mean, I guess in some cases it would be fine, for example a fighting game where the knowledge of the language doesn't matter, but an RPG you can't read seems a little silly to import.

User Info: Gamemaster64

5 years ago#45
I wanted to only import the accessory kit but I never knew about it and when I saw it, it was already out of stock. Even waiting for the release date, there was still no extras. ; ;. I either hope Atlus can bring the kit over too or there will be another series I like producing a similar kit.
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