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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#1
Okay, everyone here already played the game? Hmm? Well if you didn't, leave now. This is where the veterans are gonna discuss story stuff.

...Last chance...

You sure?

Okay then.

So, Adachi is the murderer. We all know this, right? Right.

So what do you guys think about him having a social link? Do you think it'll make any changes to the story itself? Do you think that the Moel Gas Station Attendant or Namatame would've made better social links?

It is weird since the point of a social link is an unbreakable bond and yet...we're gonna throw the guy in jail.

I know there are already topics discussing Adachi and his link, but obviously people are trying to tip toe around the fact that he's the killer, and I'm just kinda worried that trying so hard not to spoil something is gonna...well...spoil something.

So if you wanna just chat about Adachi and his link here, without caring about spoilers, lets keep this conversation going.

I'm personally really interested in seeing where this goes. Maybe they'll explain what Adachi did to get transferred to Inaba in the first place. Maybe his entire link will just be one big lie as he tries to mislead Yu. Who knows?

Either way, it's pretty interesting.
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User Info: Adrian2040

5 years ago#2
Most, if not all of the social links in the game involves using Personas to change the Shadows of each person, thus making them see the errors of their ways and "grow up".

Thus, I'm not really sure how they're going to try to "fix" Adachi, when he is supposed to be one of the main antagonists.
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User Info: T_Ace

5 years ago#3
Was it confirmed that he actually has a social link? If so, I am freaking stoked. I'm guessing it'll be more to do about his background and how he ended up in Inaba. He was from the city too, right? Maybe him and Yu will bond over that.

I'm curious if this will change any of the end game content, even if its only a change in dialogue here or there.
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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#4
People are starting to play the game, and I know somebody here said they've already seen it. So assuming they weren't just yanking our chain, it seems pretty legit at this point.

So in short, I dunno, but it seems to be true.
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User Info: Mugenpower02

5 years ago#5
The Pierrot social link is confirmed true, was featured in a famitsu article in this pic bitly link below:

Pierrot is joker/clown/jester of french origin.

The defining characteristic of Pierrot is his naïveté: he is seen as a fool, always the butt of pranks, yet nonetheless trusting.

Even though he deceived everybody from the beginning and was eventually thrown in jail, Adachi actually reveals a truth to Yuu in a letter pointing that he wasn't the true mastermind of P4.

User Info: FScell

5 years ago#6
It's only good if it's scripted and tied into the plot.

If it's just a regular old Social Link then it'll be removed from the plot like all the others, won't affect the reveal, and will be entirely pointless to me.
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User Info: Mugenpower02

5 years ago#7
In theater, the Pierrot is the pantomime who we sympathize and pity.

He is shown to be a buffoon and a stock comic character meant to be teased at (Adachi), but that is the exterior that he portrays where his true self is that of sadness and woe.

The classic Pierrot commonly shown in the french play 'Commedia dell'Arte' is that of him wanting to be loved by a woman, but the woman instead falls in love with the harlequin.

Similar to how Adachi feels about women.

Pierrot is not an official tarot major/minor arcana by the way. Only fictional for P4:G

User Info: Hatsuyo

5 years ago#8



User Info: SmashStrike

5 years ago#9
It depends on whether or not it's part of the story like Teddie's. If it's a side thing, then it'd be really stupid.

As for a social link being an "unbreakable bond" make his S.Link a story-tied one and make so it can't be maxed. Like throughout the story you build the up the relationship to Rank 9 but Adachi's revealed as the killer before you can max it and the S.Link breaks. That would be pretty cool and would add depth to Yu and Adachi.
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User Info: Mugenpower02

5 years ago#10
Surfing the japanese BBS posts, they are saying Adachi's reflects more about his character, how he is treated in the police department, his relationship with Dojima and a bit more about his past.

Pretty much, his social link is just more on his background story, and to throw off new players thinking he is one of the main antagonists (where in the ps2 version, it was pretty easy to spot since we barely had any interaction with him)
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