Any tips for non-Japanese-knowing gamers? <Probable Spoilers>

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User Info: Adrian2040

5 years ago#1
I imported the game. It still hasn't arrived, but I'll ask ahead.

I know there isn't any English Text or Audio, so what would be the best way for someone like me to play through the game? (Battle, Social Links, etc.)

Also, keep in mind that I already completed the original Persona 4 and the other Persona games, but non in Japanese.

Thanks in advanced.
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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#2
Well if you've already played P4 in English, you probably won't have much trouble with this one since you'll have a decent grasp on what to do.

I would maybe study a Katakana chart so you can learn what attacks are which.
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User Info: FScell

5 years ago#3
Learn Kana.

You can get by in almost any import if you have a decent understanding of that, and it's a fairly simple thing to pick up.
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User Info: MexiKain

5 years ago#4
Yeah fairly straightforward since a lot of it will use romaji!

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
5 years ago#5
I don't understand romaji. If the word is incoherent how are you supposed to know what it means?

User Info: yamfun

5 years ago#6
If you can recite the sound of the ~50(~100 for both form) Japanese alphabets, then you can at least understand a lot of the nouns. Because they use a lot of imported words from the West because of history and coolness.
Skill = Su ki ru
Persona = Pe ru so na
Junes = Ju ne su

Next if you remember what are those few characters that is often used like preposition in English, then you can easily dissect the sentence into smaller part to understand.

Then if you remember what are those characters that are suffix to the verbs, then you can find out the words before them are the core part of the verb, and... get a dictionary to search it.

Well for the Kanji you are pretty much f**ked, unless you are Chinese, then you can guess.

Seriously, for a text heavy game why would anyone import it without know the language is a mystery.

User Info: _Final_Phoenix_

5 years ago#7
I don't import, so all I can offer is this:

Remember, the X and O buttons are switched.
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User Info: handryspoof

5 years ago#8
For social links, save game and do trial and errors. When you select an option see a symbol/node (what I should call it in english? since I'm asian person) that appear on char's head. The more nodes appear that means he/she more happy and more points for level up sooner...

Hope that not much different from normal P4 if you play it already
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