Advice for someone new to Persona? (Possible spoilers)

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User Info: unexpressioned

5 years ago#1
Hi guys,

I just started P4 Golden recently and need some help. What Persona should I be aiming to get early on in the game? Right now I'm at 18/4 with the following Persona:

Izanagi, Angel, Slime (Level 7 for the Physical resist), Apsaras, Sandman and Ukobach.

Any suggestions would be good. Thank you!

User Info: orpheus_telos84

5 years ago#2
Use buffs
Fuse your personas.
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User Info: Dagger1087

5 years ago#3
Either aim to fill the heros persona list with something for any situation, or get persona that fill in the blanks your teammates leave. Like, if you are using Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji make sure to bring persona with fire so you cover all the bases to hit enemy weak points. And just keep up with fusing. When your persona are too low a level in relation to the hero, fuse new ones. Just play around with it really. Having persona with the different buffs is good too, like the other poster said.
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User Info: 1337w334b00

5 years ago#4
The day they say that you should take Yukiko in the TV to test her out go fuse a Jack Frost. Because on that day if you fuse the persona he gets "Resist Fire" which makes him take normal fire damage instead of more damage and a down which is a big plus to his already being one of the more powerful personas at that level.
And if you can fuse Obairyon(Izanagi and Yomoto-Shikome, aka the ghost girl looking persona) because he has resistances that will help in the first boss battle

User Info: WiiFan77

5 years ago#5
I don't think you'll need any advice. This game is easy as hell, with all the upgrades, new features, and nerfed Shadow Yukikos.
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User Info: Crystania

5 years ago#6
lol shadow yukiko

/knocked down

wait what, I don't remember that happening in the old game
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  3. Advice for someone new to Persona? (Possible spoilers)

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