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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#1
The Pierrot arcana. I'm still just wondering how his whole link works...

I know you can start it pretty early, but can you just max it as early as possible, or is it kinda like Akihiko's in P3P where they stop you from doing it until you hit a certain point.

Does it transform into Lust no matter what rank it is? 1, 6, 8, 10?

I know completing his link opens the Accomplice Ending, but I'm just curious as to how that works. Do you only max it right before you have access to the new ending?

Because if you could max his link by like...July, and he gives you access to Magatsu Izanagi...that kinda seems like it would give away that he's the killer.
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User Info: AquamanOS

5 years ago#2
I think its just a limited link like Dojima and Nanako. From what I've heard, and it could be wrong, it always turns to Lust, but only once Adachi's revealed himself. And it's a cosmetic change only. There are no Lust Persona's and it still boosts Experience of Pierrot personas. And by then it's obviously too late to rank it up anymore.

It could be spoilery, but I think the end of the Link still hints he's the killer anyway. At least enough for you to pick up on it when figuring out who the killer is, and giving you the option to help him out.

User Info: hellblueboy

5 years ago#3
His arcana will stop at lv6, after that you can't spend time with him

it is require his arcana to reach lv6 for his aecana change to lust arcana.
basically if you reach lv 6, his arcana will level up to 7 and 8 autonomously.
after his dungeon open for the first time you will have option to confront him alone.when confront him alone he will reveal his true face and arcana change to lust, although he can kill MC anytime but should not to and said to mc to bring friends to fight him next time. but if you don't reach lv6 before that his arcana will not advance and this option will not appear.

After arcana change to lust arcana, it will lv up in story event (after beat ameno-sagiri and before the true final boss)

if you choose not to confront him his arcana will struck at lv 8

User Info: hellblueboy

5 years ago#4
forgot to add, you can do his social link only after you finished rescue people from dungeon.

after Rise is kidnapped you cant do social link with Adachi, after rescue Rise you can do his social link again.
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