Will you stick with the canon name?

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User Info: ragnarok5

4 years ago#31
Souji Seta for me. I prefer the way it sounds than Yu Narukami.

User Info: axl999

4 years ago#32
Yup, I'm sticking to the one true name for the persona 4 protagonist, Charlie Tuna.
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User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#33
Other name, Masterpimp 2.0

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#34
i usually name my character '' my ass''
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User Info: Bakyura

4 years ago#35
Nightmare637 posted...
P3 MC(Female)=Minako Arisato

no D:

User Info: WooTz_sama

4 years ago#36
Big Boss Snake
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User Info: SmashStrike

4 years ago#37
Just to be clear there are only three Persona protagonists with canon names. Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, and Yu Narukami. All those are canon. P1MC, P3MC, and FeMC don't have canon names, only names made up by the fans or by unofficial manga that are unrelated to the Persona team.
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User Info: keybladesora247

4 years ago#38
SmashStrike posted...
I've never really used his canon name before so I'll probably use it this time around.

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User Info: CodeLelouch

4 years ago#39
ragnarok5 posted...
Souji Seta for me. I prefer the way it sounds than Yu Narukami.
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User Info: Dagdamor3725

4 years ago#40
Using anime canon name (and P4A canon) Yu Narukami.

Souji Seta just didn't sound right (manga canon).

And I'd use the name my Japanese teacher had given me way back in high school, which I use for most SMT games (Tohru Yazuka), but there's Adachi and all...
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