This Game Get Better? (And Out Of AutoPilot?!)

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User Info: ms555

5 years ago#1
I have been playing for already 1-2 hours. I just got my persona, had to fight some weird clown frog, and i died. Now i gotta like start the level from the beginning and i just turned it off

This game so far has been a bit boring for me because it wont let me do anything! Its basically been on autopilot, and then finally my first time battling, it feels even less involving than pokemon.

Does this game get better??

User Info: heyitsthatguy11

5 years ago#2
Yes. Play the game more.
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User Info: BeefyNukes

5 years ago#3
The beginning's a lot of text. It gets much better once you reach your first dungeon and beyond.

User Info: ms555

5 years ago#4
Does it becoming more involving or does the game usually just sorta do its own thing like it has been so far?

User Info: teffy

5 years ago#5
It gets a LOT more involved once you get through that boss.
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User Info: Naesaki

5 years ago#6
you'll get let off the reigns shortly after that

then you can pretty much dictate how you want to proceed, like finish the dungeons in a day so you can spend the rest of the time maxing social links etc

but don't worry it gets muuuuuuch better

User Info: AquamanOS

5 years ago#7
No it's on autopilot until about after the 2nd boss fight. After that it opens up and actually lets you walk around. But you've got about 2 hours of an autopilot intro before you can get to that point.

User Info: ms555

5 years ago#8
Alright haha i trust u guys... Does the fighting ever get more exciting?

User Info: Aejaduka

5 years ago#9
Press start twice to speed up all the text.

User Info: GodMWOLF

5 years ago#10
=.= that was the easiest boss in the game
I love Persona 4
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