The third boss :( ( Minor Spoilers)

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User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#11
touyamizrahi posted...
Acexskull posted...
I died like 30 times! What personas should I use?


one of the big muscle guys is weak to ice, the other to fire. burn them down first, and try to have high endurance. also, you should level up a bit higher. just go back down and start at floor 1 and discover the entire map on each floor. also make sure you've bought new weapons and armor.

fixed for v

Also, Chie's rampage works wonders in this fight.

User Info: ZippyDooDa

4 years ago#12
Wow 17? Bravo on that one. Shadow Yukiko's level is 17 and Kanji's is 25 I believe.

User Info: Silfurbor_Negla

4 years ago#13
Beat him at lv14 (very hard dificulty)

Oberon is the best choice since he null elec, raksasha for resist phys if you have the lv to fuse him

Knowing the boss pattern is really helpful to prevent him getting 1 more, sukunda also will help with some lucky dodge
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User Info: demonsword765

4 years ago#14
Enough to get Rakshasa. Helps that I was getting Emperor cards for Mind Charge on Jack Frost.

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User Info: MysticKnight01

4 years ago#15
I'm amazed at the people who can beat these bosses at low levels. I just make it a general rule to grand out 10 levels before taking on the dungeon boss.
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User Info: SSj Chrono

SSj Chrono
4 years ago#16
I was level 27 or 28 when I killed shadow Kanji (hard mode). I was also under the impression Kanji goes berserk if you kill both his side kicks, so I killed the buffer who is weak to ice, then debuffed kanji and just wailed on him.
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User Info: Ultimetalhead

4 years ago#17
They nerfed the hell out of him in this game. He was at least 5 times harder in the PS2 version. Get a persona that resists physical on your MC, have Yukiko learn agilao and spam it on Shadow Kanji after Nice Guy and Tough Guy are out of the way. Use multi-target spells to kill the helpers (Chie's rampage works insanely well for this, especially if you power her up with Tarukaja).
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User Info: TohruAdachi

4 years ago#19
Level 18.
Use King Frost with Resist Physical + Marukunda/Rukunda,and spammed Marukunda and Bufula on Nice Guy until he died.

Use Obariyon with Resist Physical skill + Silence Boost (yes SKILL too!) with Marukunda/Rukunda and spam Muzzle Shot. I don't remember correctly,but I think you can silence the Nice guy. So that's good too.

User Info: metamara

4 years ago#20
It's easier with rakshasa.
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