Nanako as Magical Detective Loveline

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User Info: Quiotu

4 years ago#1
Something I was kinda hoping was added to the game. Anyone play through the game or most of it and know if they added this show or Nanako's adventures to it? Nanako wandering around as Loveline was possibly one of the most adorable things in the anime, and it'd be awesome if they added it in any way to the game.

It'd be disappointing if it wasn't in the game at all, but isn't a game-changer.
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User Info: minakorocket

4 years ago#2
Beaten the game already, no evidence of Loveline.
I could have missed stuff (on a second playthrough) but I didn't see any evidence of it.
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User Info: Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
4 years ago#3
I seem to recall something in a conversation with the one lady that stands at Junes (not the one that sells you seeds), where she mentioned something about Nanako becoming "quite the little detective," but that's the closest thing so far.
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User Info: EmiHinata

4 years ago#4
That's unfortunate--it really was an adorable scene in the anime.
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