P4 MC's canon name >>> P3 MC's

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User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

4 years ago#71
kratoscar2008 posted...
ikilledkenny2 posted...
Doesn't appear in Arena.

She isn't even mentioned.

The Golden epilogue can only take place after the Golden, obviously.

But there's nothing stopping Arena from taking place after P4 PS2.

In GoldenEpilogue Yosuke make allure of the events of Arena in wich said epilogue Marie appears, and since P4 doesnt have Marie then P4A ONLY takes place after Golden.

Again P4 original is not part of the timeline anymore.

For crying out loud, the guy already agreed that P4G is the current canon.

All he is arguing is that nothing that happens in P4A requires that distinction.
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User Info: ikilledkenny2

4 years ago#72
Thank you ;_;

User Info: yab

4 years ago#73
From: Bearpowers | #044
Yu Narukami or Seta Souji?

The funny thing is that people who like Japanese name order have only confused people with the manga name, some people think it's Seta (first) Souji (last) instead of Souji (first) Seta (last)

User Info: EmiHinata

4 years ago#74
The name's a placeholder--it's not his actual name for the movies.
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