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User Info: deathsaber79

5 years ago#1
So I'm early on, (rank 2 I believe), I now have him standing in the hallway at school with the option to hang out with him.

However the game informs me 2 things before I can say yes to hanging out with him:
1. I have a certain Magician persona which would help further with his S. Link. But then it goes on to say:

2. It doesn't look like I can improve my relationship with him right now.

Then it asks if I want to hang out with him.

So, should I work work on leveling the S. Link (even if it doesn't rank up, I"m still earning points towards), or is that the game just telling me to not even bother right now. I don't want to waste in game time hanging with someone if it appears I'll gain no benefit at all.

User Info: Wolfwood44

5 years ago#2
Well, generally if you hang out with him now, he'll rank up next time, but I'm also wondering if it is worth it or should you wait for story events to help boost it.

I'm especially wondering if this is the case with the Dojimas.
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User Info: deathsaber79

5 years ago#3
Yes, thats what I want to know.

Would hanging out now be a waste of time, or would it score some points in progress for his social link.

Or is that the games way of telling me I have to progress further in the game before it will allow his S link to grow further.

User Info: Inertion5

5 years ago#4
Eh, do social links whenever available.
You don't have to "reach a certain part in a story" to be able to max social links.

It's actually better if you don't, there are few social links that you want to finish faster.

I suggest reading a guide about social links just so you have a general idea how the point system works.
It's not complicated, I'm just too lazy to explain.

User Info: minakorocket

5 years ago#5
In regards to the Dojimas, whenever they have that msg that they aren't quite ready I wait for a day when the uncle is home and go work on the garden to boost both of them at the same time.

For Sun, I tend to wait for Rainy days (as it's one of the few social links you can do during the rain) same with the Hermit.

I tend to prioritize whoever is ready to hang out. Yosuke & Chie go up fast for me because of the school questions and story stuff.
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

5 years ago#6
Basically when it says that it means it won't rank up on the visit, but it will earn you points towards ranking it up. So the short answer is yes, you should still hang out with them.
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User Info: rabies_neko

5 years ago#7
You can leave people at school alone at times since questions in class/test results etc can improve your relationship. Making lunch and eating it with them as well. Although you probably won't max every link on the first play through anyway unless you get really lucky or know the game inside out.

User Info: Zetgob

5 years ago#8
It's impossible to truly waste time since you'll still be building points towards the next rank, but it's generally best to prioritize doing any daytime s.links that are ready to rank up instead of just hanging out. You can make up the needed points via tests, making lunch, or spending time with them at night either through talking to them or using the fortune box at the shrine(the latter is incredibly useful, don't ignore it!)

The big exceptions are as follows:

1. You want a quicker rank up for gameplay purposes. All the party members get extra stuff for leveling their s.link, and some of them are very useful to get as soon as possible. Rise especially has some crazy bonuses. Yukiko with Amirita early on is great too.

2. You're near a deadline on an s.link, and fortune box by itself won't cut it in getting the points you need. This is really only applicable to a few s.links: Jester needs to be at 6 before November, Aeon needs to be at 10 before you beat the December boss, and (I think this was changed, not sure, haven't bothered testing) Justice/Heiro should be maxed before November as well.

User Info: Mystickay86

5 years ago#9
I'm on July and I can't get a jester rank up at all. Everytime I meet with him, there's no option to hang out.
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User Info: Zetgob

5 years ago#10
From: Mystickay86 | #009
I'm on July and I can't get a jester rank up at all. Everytime I meet with him, there's no option to hang out.

What time of the day is it when you talk to him? Depending on the rank it switches between night and day. For daytime he will be at Junes, night he'll be in front of the gas station.

Also make sure you have already rescued whoever is missing for that month, as he will usually be too busy with the case to hang out otherwise.
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