Perfect Guide Walkthrough?

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User Info: Zak-Man

5 years ago#1
Any news on this yet?

I saw one of the guides looks promising, but it focused on stats as well, I figured that asking for max stats and social links is a bit much, so I already maxed out my stats and was wondering if there was a good social links guide, the one on here is incomplete.

User Info: HoIlywood

5 years ago#2
Stats are required to max certain s links

KADFC's is probably the most comprehensive so far I think he's up to October now?
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User Info: Nightmare637

5 years ago#3
HoIlywood posted...
Stats are required to max certain s links

KADFC's is probably the most comprehensive so far I think he's up to October now?

august 31st

User Info: KADFC

5 years ago#4
The one that "I" have is up to October. :)

User Info: Zetgob

5 years ago#5
A social link guide is really overkill if you already have max stats.

If you really need a guide, just follow these basic points:

1. Unless you really have nothing better to do, don't "spend time" with day time s.links. Instead use nighttime to boost them, either by talking to them if they are outside or by using the fortune box on non-rainy days. Fortune box becomes available after you have begun Hermit. Tests and story/sunday events will also boost your relationship with many of the school s.links.

2. Always carry matching persona for the s.links you are working on. If you are tight on space (probably aren't since this is NG+), you can swap out the cheap personas between rank up events.

2. Get Jester out of the way. His schedule is erratic, and he is one of the only timed s.links, so just get him to 6 as soon as possible. You can have it done as early as July if you take every opportunity. He is one of the few daytime s.links I'd ever recommend spending time with without a rank up.

After that, the non-party member school s.links take general priority if multiple s.links are available. Strength to four quickly to unlock Moon. Make sure to talk to both her and Hanged Man as soon as they are available in the first floor hallway to begin to trigger their Sun is an exception to this since she can be done on rainy days.

Then comes Marie and party members. Marie needs to be before December boss is beat but you really have plenty of time to do so. The party members can be done in whatever order works for you, just make sure to trigger Kanji's early so he is properly available when you want him.

Lowest daytime priority overall is Temperance. Make good use of fortune box here as even with best answers and matching persona this one can require extra points, and it's not worth wasting your day time early on.

For nighttime s.links: Get devil to four quickly to unlock Death, then you can pretty much just do whatever the hell you want. I'd recommend maxing Heirophant and Justice first before moving on to Tower and Devil, as the former pair are unavailable during parts of the game when the jobs are not. The party members are frequently out at night, so talking to them to make up point gains at higher ranks is a good idea. And I've already mentioned it but it bares repeating: use the fortune box!

3. The three special s.links that require no affection points:

Death - She is only available on Sundays and holidays, so you should get to her when you can most of the time. There are plenty of days to max her, so if you want to do party members or Marie early on that's fine, just don't forget about the poor old lady as if you wait till late game you may find you don't have enough sundays left.

Hermit - Always have his current quest active or ready to be turned in. It doesn't take time accepting the quest, only turning it in. Most of the quests require several days worth of running around, so be working on that as you do other s.links. Turn it in on rainy days when there isn't much else to do. It's also a good idea to be working towards unlocking the beach by driving a long waysx3 (third time takes no time), again use rainy or test days.

Empress - You can get all 10 ranks in a single day if you want, just don't put it off until the very last day of the game if you plan on getting the optional boss fight. If you did any of her requests before you can just take that same persona out of the compendium, exit the velvet room, and re-enter to instantly level up.
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