Don't you ****ing do this Yukiko ;_; *spoilers*

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  3. Don't you ****ing do this Yukiko ;_; *spoilers*

User Info: ArthasReborn

5 years ago#31
I friendzoned her so hard in my second playthrough just so I wouldn't have to see that.

User Info: Masemune_100

5 years ago#32
You can still get all the girls, you just have to be a bit more heartless about it.
Had six messages, picked Naoto, banged the rest of them on my spare days. Got Marie as a consolation prize.
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User Info: amc9988

5 years ago#33
Beware of the trolls, always bring Troll Spray with you.

User Info: mongopikis

5 years ago#34
> With your low level of Understanding, you have the option of suggesting a menage a cinque.

User Info: Cantido

5 years ago#35
I just friendzone'd Rise and didn't have a problem with it. She's still in the middle of a problem at this point and faking a relationship won't resolve it.
Two Pyramid Heads walk into a bar.
There were no survivors.

User Info: Pics_nao_plz

5 years ago#36
Good thing I only romanced Naoto and Marie

User Info: OoSubaruoO

5 years ago#37
Probably going with Naoto second playthrough. I want that costume!
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  3. Don't you ****ing do this Yukiko ;_; *spoilers*

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