What did you name your MC?

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User Info: GodMWOLF

4 years ago#21
Panty Anarchy cause i wanted to eff around

and now on my second playthrough Yu Narukami
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User Info: The_Zaxster

4 years ago#22
Niichii Nakamari.
PSN: TheZaxster Xbox: CaptainRumfiend

User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#23
First playthrough, Yu Narukami.
All subsequent playthroughs, Swag Narukami.
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User Info: OneEyedDragon

4 years ago#24
Justin Beiber.
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User Info: WooTz_sama

4 years ago#25
Big Boss Snake
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#26
Yuriasu Kaiza, as in that one Roman guy you might have heard of (in case it's not obvious enough.) Or, that's what I plan to use. In P3P I used Robaato Burusu for male MC and Burun Hiruda for FeMC.
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User Info: Naesaki

4 years ago#27
Naesaki Nagato

User Info: tentenfanboy

4 years ago#28
I named him Dirk Diggler.

User Info: denniedarko

4 years ago#29
I named him Hiro Akechi. I didn't think my real name fit into the area the game takes place, and I had no idea there was a cannon name for him.

Side question, am I suppose to play Arena as well?
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User Info: shanjo

4 years ago#30
Uy Imakuran
PSN: eh-jhey
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