BathHouse boss

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User Info: ISolid_SnakeI

4 years ago#1
I just finished beating Shadow Kanji at level 25, first time playing persona 4 (had played 3 for maybe 30 hours before) first try!

Destroyed Nice Guy who was a pain in the ass with his spells. and focused on SKanji.

still the default persona (never actually equiped any other neither fused any) still, it went well, everyone was still alive at the end of the fight.
I gave margaret all my skill cards, and I now wonder.. what should I focus on to be strong till the end of the game?
Everyone still has their first weapon except for yosuke's with his wrenches.

got some tips for me? I wonder ^^
I want that "victory cry" thing, what should I prepare?

User Info: ISolid_SnakeI

4 years ago#2
I just sold all my materials to the smith.
god, 50k later, and 15 new items.. yay.

User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#3
Are people just getting VC just because everyone else is?

User Info: Veraxulous

4 years ago#4
KADFC posted...
Are people just getting VC just because everyone else is?

Considering its endless possibilities?

... Yes. Bandwagon.

User Info: ISolid_SnakeI

4 years ago#5
Well when you know what it does.. it seems pretty usefull to me!

User Info: locutus442

4 years ago#6
indeed. yoshi+victory cry>all
xbl gamertag: Locutus441
psn id: locutus442

User Info: blitz_0623

4 years ago#7
I tried to get VC but after 15 mins I gave up lol. I just went with Repel Physical.

VC is overrated even when you can get it before Rise's dungeon. SOS keeps my party at 80% SP or greater, and I have around 20 Snuff Souls and 5 Chewing Souls. Oh yeah and there's the fox which I admit isn't as good a solution since you need to keep exiting the dungeon. But whatever, VC would probably have ruined my experience.

User Info: Birth_By_Sorrow

4 years ago#8
Invigorate 2 is your friend if you don't want to save, fuse, reload, fuse, reload, fuse, reload. You get it from Sarasvati, a Lv 17 Persona that learns it at 19. That's all you really need especially if you upgrade it using a Magician card to Invigorate 3, which won't take that long if you pass I2 onto every Persona.

As for your party, farm for Magic Cloths from the dark cloaked lantern Shadow on the 6th-8th floor of the Bath House to make Mage's Marks (it doesn't take that long, it's a high drop rate unlike in Vanilla). When you're low on SP, go to an area with weak Shadows and just guard to skip your turns until it has been fully replenished.

User Info: pariah164

4 years ago#9
I got through vanilla P4 without Victory Cry, and I plan to do the same here.

And the bath house boss, oi... I hated those three somuch.
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User Info: ISolid_SnakeI

4 years ago#10
Thanks for the tips. I didnt know I could restore sp by guarding! :)
I wont get VC then.

some tips about fusion? didnt fuse anything yet, I don't really understand and don't want to f*** up the social links.

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