Reaper clarifications

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User Info: ethereal_king92

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, i just wanna ask for clarification to find Reaper:
1. Will the chain break if i open gold chest?
2. Is it ok if i encounter an enemy while in the middle of my search? At my 19th(i think) search i accidentally encounter an enemy and suddenly the chain sound gone…
3. If i open the 20th chest after i hear the chain but there's no Reaper, will it break the chain?
4. Some thread said to go back to the entrance to save your game after the 19th chest or after you hear the chain. I tried this but it seems that this will break the chain and i have to go back from the beginning. How's that possible?
5. I'm doing this at Yukiko's Castle 5th floor

User Info: wilfreda

4 years ago#2
1. yes, the count starts over
2. yes, it doesn't matter if you get into a battle
3. yes, the count starts over
4. if you go back to the entrance while you're hearing the Reaper noises, the counter will reset. That's why you have to leave and save one chest before hearing the chains. By the way, I did a lot of testing on this and I'm pretty sure it's the 22nd chest that would have the Reaper, not the 20th, meaning you should always hear the chains after the 21st chest. So you need to leave after the 20th chest, save, come back, open 21st chest, hear the chains, and the next chest will have a chance of containing the Reaper. If not, reload and try again.

Also, if you leave the dungeon or go to another floor, the chain sound will stop and the counter will reset, so make sure you're on a floor with at least two chests when you reload.
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