Dat restart from last floor

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User Info: raizen912

4 years ago#11
yeah in vanilla it wasn't fun losing all the progress you made cuz of a random lucky hit. I was more cautious back on ps2 because of the lack of this but it still caught me off guard a couple times. Idk I guess I'm just not a fan of the "MC dies and the game is over" rule.

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#12
Part of being good at this game is being prepared for lucky hits. If your Persona doesn't block Hama/Mudo skills, then don't cry if an enemy hits you with a Hama/Mudo skill. Don't expect to get lucky and dodge it every time.

The same goes for critical hits. If you're 2 hits away from dying, and you don't heal, then don't be surprised if an enemy happens to get a critical hit and kill you. You had the chance to heal yourself.

And if you lose lots of progress, its your fault for not saving. You underestimated the game and thought you could keep going.

The auto-save is just a handicap for people who keep ruining their own fun by losing. This game itself is completely fair. You have just as high a chance of getting critical as the enemies do.

When my MC dies, I want to lose progress equal to the weight of my own mistake. Not be brought back to the previous floor, as if the game is apologizing to me. That ruins the fun of losing, and makes winning much less fulfilling.

User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#13
The first time I died on Very Easy mode and the game was like "Do you want to try this battle again?"

I thought it would just re-start the battle from the start...but...nope

Fully heals the party, while the enemy keeps their damage and you can do it as many times as you like

I beat the Reaper at a much lower level than I should have.

There is literally no need to be afraid on Very Easy Mode. You can't get game over...unless I guess you choose not to try the battle again...
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User Info: FruiPunSamuraiG

4 years ago#14
Wolfwood44 posted...
Well, this IS the easiest SMT game. Runner up would be... I don't know, Devil Survivor: Overclocked? And that at least had its moments.

That being said, it doesn't harm the game at all. I haven't actually lost my MC yet, so I can't speak to restarting from last floor or frustration -- when I'm concerned about Mudo/Hama spells, I protect against them -- I always keep a Persona ready to cover any weakness. Guess I just haven't been unlucky.

Na devil survivor is way easier than this game, just put everything into physical and 1 hit everything.
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