So I need all yo yens...

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User Info: clyde_ghost

4 years ago#11
Honestly...from what I've seen the Heaven dungeon has the most gold hands out of any. Maybe I'm just super lucky there but I always find 1-2 on every floor whenever I run through it...
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User Info: Zetgob

4 years ago#12
From: Birth_By_Sorrow | #008
TohruAdachi posted...
The final dungeon doesn't have golden hands unless you're talking about. Adachi

Really??? That's when you need them the most, to save up for NG+. Wow, that sucks. Just have to go to Magatsu then and farm for cash during that last day.

On NG+ you can adjust the rate of money you get from battles. Just playing normally will get you a few million yen on the "More" setting.

Combine that with selling all the items in your inventory that won't carry over for NG+, and you never need to grind for money at all.
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  3. So I need all yo yens...

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