Which arcana are you test?

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Jason Hart Maivia 5 years ago#91
You Scored as XIX: The Sun
This is the happiest card in the deck. It is full of joy and optimism, everything is right with the world. We are as innocent children playing in the fields without care. The Sun brings success, well-being and happiness in all spheres - material, emotional, spiritual -wherever our desires lay.When this card appears in a Tarot spread it indicates success, joy and happiness. Obstacles will be overcome, goals achieved.When badly aspected, it can indicate a stagnation through over-indulgence, too much of a good thing.

XIX: The Sun 100%
II - The High Priestess 75%
XVI: The Tower 75%
IV - The Emperor 75%
XI: Justice 75%
XIII: Death 75%
VIII - Strength 75%
X - Wheel of Fortune 50%
0 - The Fool 50%
I - Magician 50%
III - The Empress 50%
VI: The Lovers 50%
XV: The Devil 0%
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User Info: RealDrakeula

5 years ago#92
You Scored as XI: Justice

The blindfold arbiter weighs the evidence and passes judgement without fear or favour. There can be no appeal.Justice is not necessarily the same as Law. True justice seeks out the spirit of the law, not just its letter. If a law is bad then true Justice will set that law aside. This is the sacred responsibility of those given the power to judge. If well aspected in a Tarot reading, this card can indicate settlement of disputes, the achievement of a just outcome. If badly aspected this card can indicate corruption and failure of justice.

XI: Justice 81%
XIII: Death 75%
XIX: The Sun 69%
0 - The Fool 69%
XVI: The Tower 63%
VIII - Strength 63%
II - The High Priestess 56%
VI: The Lovers 56%
I - Magician 50%
III - The Empress 50%
IV - The Emperor 38%
XV: The Devil 25%
X - Wheel of Fortune 6%

User Info: Tobi011

5 years ago#93
You Scored as XIII: Death
Death is probably the most well known Tarot card - and also the most misunderstood. Most Tarot novices would consider Death to be a bad card, especially given its connection with the number thirteen. In fact this card rarely indicates literal death.Without "death" there can be no change, only eventual stagnation. The "death" of the child allows for the "birth" of the adult. This change is not always easy. The appearance of Death in a Tarot reading can indicate pain and short term loss, however it also represents hope for a new future.

XIX: The Sun 81%
II - The High Priestess 81%
XIII: Death 81%
VI: The Lovers 69%
XVI: The Tower 63%
0 - The Fool 63%
XI: Justice 56%
IV - The Emperor 44%
I - Magician 44%
VIII - Strength 44%
X - Wheel of Fortune 44%
XV: The Devil 38%
III - The Empress 38%

I've took this test before long time ago. First I got tied with The Moon and The Hermit but now I some how I got The Death.

User Info: Emblem2042

5 years ago#94
88% Death

The next match was 81% The Fool
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User Info: Orasion_Seiz

5 years ago#95
You Scored as 0 - The Fool

The Fool is the most complex and most contradictory of all the Tarot cards. "I am not a number, I am a free man". The Fool represents naivety and childlike innocence - yet the Fool is wise. He carries only what possessions he really needs He journeys through life, tasting everything it has to offer then letting it go and moving on. The Fool is a risk taker, often shown with one foot over a cliff showing us every new beginning has a risk. Whether the Fool represents opportunity or danger one thing is clear: this world needs more fools.

Hmm i kinda agree with that....
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