Rank the party members in order of your most liked to least liked

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User Info: Cactuar512

4 years ago#41
Chie>Kanji>Teddie>Naoto>Yosuke>>>>Yukiko>>>>>>>>>>>>>Being violently torn to shreds>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rise
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User Info: pillerofautumn

4 years ago#42
From: Zembaphobia | #032
From: pillerofautumn | #017
1) Chie
2) Naoto
4) Yukiko
5) Yosuke
6) Kanji
7) Teddie

That's my party preference tier.

There is no 3)/Rise

I went with who was better in battle first as a list. Obviously Rise wasn't there for that list. Then I though maybe the TC was talking about popularity, so I redid the list with Rise in it. But after reading someone's post about not including Rise, I figured this was still about battle preference. So I redid the list, without Rise, but forgot to change the numbers around.

Looks like you found the truth. The Investigation Team social link has ranked up.

User Info: The_Limit

4 years ago#43
Can't be numbered: Rise
1. Yukiko
2. Yosuke
3. Kanji
4. Teddie
5. Chie
6. Naoto
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User Info: Trailblazer34

4 years ago#44

User Info: Slayer 0

Slayer 0
4 years ago#45
Kanji, Old Chie
Yosuke, Yukiko
Everyone else in the game ever
Everyone else in other games
New Chie
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User Info: Wii306

4 years ago#46
Kanji > Naoto > Chie > Yosuke > Teddie > Yukiko > Rise

Maybe add a few more >'s after Kanji. I haven't been entertained more by a videogame character in a long time.
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User Info: RealDrakeula

4 years ago#47
Personality based: Brosuke>Kanji>Rise>Teddie>Naoto>Yukiko>Chie

Skill based: Teddie>Naoto>Brosuke>Yukiko>Kanji>Chie
I don't think Rise counts for this one.

User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#48
Just for funsies, I decided to mix in the P3/Arena party members as well to see how this goes

Kanji > Aigis > Fuuka > FeMC > Junpei > Elizabeth > P3MC > Yu > Koromaru > Teddie > Shinjiro > Akihiko > Labrys > Rise > Yukari > Naoto > Mitsuru > Ken > Chie > Yukiko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yosuke

Fuuka really climbed the ranks after Arena came out...
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User Info: CrayonBoy

4 years ago#49
From most to least liked: KANJI (he's da best) ~> Yukiko (fire + heal) ~> Naoto (she and Kanji have a cool lover combo) ~> Yosuke (v balanced and love the way he shakes his hair after battle) ~> Chie (great support) ~> Kuma (a little lacklustre) ~> Rise (for some reasons she is always NOT there when we need her most!!!)

User Info: Vandal00

4 years ago#50
Kanji > Yukiko > Rise > Brosuke > Chie > Naoto >>> Teddie

I have good love for the top 5. I wouldn't consider Yosuke to be homophobic more than I would consider him generally misinformed, and he's a good bro to boot. I like Naoto but felt she lost a lot of appeal during my second playthrough.

I don't hate Teddie, but he's the only one I'd really consider pushing in front of a train.
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