Do people really think Naoto is the worst party member?

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  3. Do people really think Naoto is the worst party member?

User Info: Skaldskaparmal

4 years ago#31
finaleus posted...
which I can take care of myself

You might as well go solo then, since the MC can do anything the others are able to do.

User Info: Sami1000

4 years ago#32
I used her in from Heaven to the true ending dungeon and had no regrets. Makaracarn/tetracarn helped a lot. Using mamudoon or mahamaon on normal battles made grinding a breeze + megidolaon on gold hands was very useful. Definitely NOT useless. This was without any s. link with Naoto.

User Info: HighUlitma

4 years ago#33
Not to mention Naoto's Ultra Trigger critical hits and downs (I think) more than on enemy.

Edit: My first playthrough end party was Yosuke, Yukiko, and Teddie. I prefer a caster/support over physical attacks. Youthful Wind is just overall a great skill. Yukiko is Yukiko. Teddie is the most profitable choice for me because A)Ice Ice Baby, B) Backup healer if Yukiko wants to cast Burning Petals, and C) Junes Bomber.

User Info: Tayo2345

4 years ago#34
Ultima_Lord posted...
Yeah I used to think Naoto was useless, but definitely not in Golden.

Yosuke is pretty much good at everything. He can heal, he can buff, he does decent wind damage, he does decent physical damage. I would say he's not necessarily great at anything, but he's really solid, and not leaving my party.

He's great because he's good at everything.
I don't care what you say, Generation II sucks.
That's just my opinion, no matter how true it may be.

User Info: DukeCoudray

4 years ago#35
Whaaa? She is by far the most broken character in the game.

The first time i beat P4G i beat the killer and final boss by casting reflect magic and physical with Naoto the whole time. Those moves do massive damage and save your characters from taking damage.

Why would you need Garudyne and Agidyne if you can just cast reflects?
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  3. Do people really think Naoto is the worst party member?

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