I get that P4 is ultimely the better game, but I still like P3 a bit more

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  3. I get that P4 is ultimely the better game, but I still like P3 a bit more

User Info: wwwgippal2

4 years ago#1
I dunno, the characters in P3 were pretty annoying in the beginning but by the end I liked most of them. In contrast to P4, where everyone is pretty likeable from start to finish.

I felt more emotional towards P3's plot. Call it personal tastes I suppose

Which story did you prefer?
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User Info: defunct32

4 years ago#2
P4; I cannot handle anything depressing otherwise it'll linger on my mind for a long time.

User Info: Rpgpunk

4 years ago#3
It's hard to decide for me which I liked better but if I had to pick it would be Persona 4.
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User Info: Code_Geass_CC

4 years ago#4
Whichever is a better game is ultimately an individual's opinion.

I personally prefer Persona 4. Persona 4 proves that characters can drive the plot and make it succeed. P3 had a better story, but the characters are so just...boring that I could never care about it. Yukari. Junpei and Aigis stand out. Ken, Shinjiro and Koromaru were fodder to increase party size. Akihiko and Mitsuru were fine but I still could never care about them. In Persona 4 all the characters clicked with me better ultimately making my mission to save them and stop the murders a more exciting one.
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User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#5
Persona 3 is far better in my opinion.
4 fixes some gameplay issues but I actually liked giving tactics to my teammates.

P3 is cast is just very serious even despite all the **** they have to face. Just look at Akihiko. The guy can take anything head on.

User Info: Imraina

4 years ago#6
Since I played P4 first I had trouble getting used to P3 cast at first. As the TC said, the characters in P4 are likeable from the start, while in P3 most of them annoyed me at first (Junpei especially). But yeah, they all grew on me eventually and right now I prefer the overall feel and story of P3 more. Doesn't mean I don't like P4 anymore, I am waiting for my copy of P4G to arrive after all :p And it IS a better game when it comes to mechanics, since they could improve over what P3 had to offer.

Bottom line: I like them both but I'm more emotionally attached to P3's plot.

User Info: Bloodspoor

4 years ago#7
This is difficult for me. I really liked the cast of P3P (My only exposure to P3), but I found the grind was so annoying in that game. I would have to say that I like the cast of P4G a lot as well. I have not yet finished P3P simply because the grind kinda dragged on for me. The battle system in P4G feels better somehow. I believe the social links having more impact on what your team can do in the dungeons has a lot to do with it, but it could be that the game is just more polished.

That said, I like both games equally, for different reasons. In P3P, my first game, I played Junpei's buddy and was kind of a "loser" who didn't care about studying and just wanted to chase after girls. Somehow that save data got corrupted and I started a girl who was very astute and chased after Mitsuru's approval through good grades and being responsible. As an aside, she had a thing for Junpei and the fact that he's her total opposite. This playthrough, I made it to October or November, but just kinda drifted off with other games. I plan to go back and finish it off before playing through P4G a second time.

In P4G, my character is a bit of a player. Even though all the girls throw themselves at him, he has a thing for Yukiko and hopes she doesn't find out about his adventures at the hospital. He also really could care less about people getting kidnapped or going into the TV to save them.

User Info: finaleus

4 years ago#8
I really cant decide which I liked better. Gameplay is better in 4, but 3 is still tolerable so I won't dock points for that. I feel like the strongest point in the series is the dialogue and characters, so I'll judge off that.

Persona 3 has better characters individually, but the characters as a whole were stronger in 4 (and felt more like friends). Story wise, both games were a little too similar, I think... so I can't really pick one over the other there, either. I have complaints about both.

User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#9
I like P4 overall, but there are some tracks or parts of P3's story that are truly overwhelming, like those last 2 months of the game, or songs like the battle for everyone's souls

I can't stand people fighting over which one is better... we need to be grateful of those 2 games being part of the same franchise

User Info: wwwgippal2

4 years ago#10
Oh, and I'd like to point out a great pro for P4. The whole cast seems like a better group of friends. I felt like I had this gigantic emotional barrier towards Mitsuru and Akihiko for being senpais and whatnot.

Like one of the previous posters said, the group of P4 as a whole is, without a doubt, much better. Whether the characters themselves are better is up for debate.
sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa
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  3. I get that P4 is ultimely the better game, but I still like P3 a bit more

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