Your first RPG

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User Info: The_Despair

4 years ago#221
Super Mario RPG

And still one of my favorite games ever.

User Info: Reiji_Kido99

4 years ago#222
Technically, my first RPG was the original Final Fantasy, which I barely remember.

The first RPG that I actually got into, though, was Persona 1, hence my love for this series. I traded all of my SNES games for it at GameCrazy because I liked the cover. This was in 1999 :0 I was either 10 or 11 at the time

User Info: PsychoCrushor

4 years ago#223
HarvestrOfSouls posted...
Super Mario RPG for me.

User Info: RaGe__BoX

4 years ago#224
Mine was Legend of Legaia. Ever hear of it? Best game.
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User Info: G-Nserico

4 years ago#225
Final Fantasy VII.

It was the first and it made me fan of the genre immediately. What a great game.

User Info: zerozedi

4 years ago#226
Final Fantasy on the Nintendo. I still have it too and a working nes.

User Info: iusefebreze

4 years ago#227
If pokemon Red is an RPG, that
if not then Dragon Warrior 3
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User Info: bbv92628sm

4 years ago#228
Secret of Mana
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User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#229
Super Mario RPG, I think. My friend had it, and I often played it with him. Didn't know what "RPG" meant at the time.

User Info: Kirbyiscool19

4 years ago#230
Super Mario RPG, age five, and I will cherish it forever. :D
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