Your first RPG

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User Info: FuryOfPolaris

4 years ago#231
Final Fantasy IV... Back when we westerners all thought it was called Final Fantasy II. And then a couple years later when Final Fantasy VI came out stateside I bought it and became hooked on the genre.

User Info: Vsin

4 years ago#232
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time.

Yes, seriously, the Oracle games. I never even finished it, and I got it even before my grandpa gave me a pirated copy of Pokemon Yellow (from HK). I never really even played RPGs until...I can't even remember..for all I know, it might've been P3P when I started trying to complete them o_0
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User Info: CathickleSquall

4 years ago#233
Golden Sun. Still beat it annually.
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User Info: Aaron_Feuer

4 years ago#234
Phantasy Star Online was MY first RPG. on the gamecube though.
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User Info: luigi4728

4 years ago#235
either FF6 FF4 earthbound chrono trigger or pokemon red cant remember < click for real sig

User Info: amc9988

4 years ago#236
My very first RPG and game is actually pokemon on gbc. my cousin brought her gbc,so I was curious and play it and it's really fun although it's in japanese. Since then I started to save my money to buy a gbc. And that's how I started to get involved with gaming.. few years later I bought gba, then nds lite, psp, and now vita... and they are all handhelds lol
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User Info: rajin_donuts

4 years ago#237
Final Fantasy for the NES. I picked it up after I read the Nintendo Power strategy guide for the game.

User Info: _Bristow

4 years ago#238
I think Chrono Trigger, but I played alot of videogames as a kid so I dont know :(

User Info: ninja3213

4 years ago#239
Does Pokemon Stadium count? If not then Pokemon Fire Red.
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User Info: Squall88888

4 years ago#240
I had a SNES throughout my childhood but never once got an RPG on it, so until I got a Sega Saturn I finally played my first RPG Albert Odyssey: Legend of Elden, which I hold great memories to this game to this day,
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