Your first RPG

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User Info: tango5000

4 years ago#271
thompsontalker7 posted...
Pokemon Blue.

First RPG outside of that was Final Fantasy IV.

Same with me.
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User Info: PaperDolphin

4 years ago#272
Mario & Luigi: superstar Saga, my 2nd favorite one. Mario RPGs are miles funner than anything else
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 years ago#273

I sucked at it, but I had fun.

After I replayed it years later, it's now one of my favorite games.
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User Info: Xerain

4 years ago#274
Dragon Quest.
The first one.
Of course back then it was called Dragon Warrior and came for free with a year’s subscriprion to Nintendo Power.
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User Info: Xerain

4 years ago#275
skunknuts posted...
jakerscythe posted...
My first RPG was Pool of Radiance, the SSI Gold box edition.

Very cool, used to play all those AD&D Gold Box games, still have them around somewhere.

My first RPG was Dragon Warrior on the NES. The concept of grinding was so new back then, I actually LIKED doing it.

Can't say it was first game either, but I made darn sure it was one of the the first games I hunted down once I got a pc in ’96.
Sliced bread is over hyped. I give it a 5.
Pirate King Atomsk 4 years ago#276
Breath of Fire 3
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User Info: stevo009

4 years ago#277
Somebody should turn this into a poll. Dark cloud 1 here though.......pretty sure
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User Info: poop900

4 years ago#278
Final Fantasy 1 and 2 (Dawn of Souls, I'm not that old). Absolutely loved those two. It eventually led to my liking of RPGs. I believe the flow was [ FF1/2 -> whole FF series -> turn-based RPGs -> RPGs in general ] with Persona 3 somewhere in between the third and fourth points.
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User Info: Birth_By_Sorrow

4 years ago#279
Eushie_Moogle posted...
It was either Pokemon Red, or Final Fantasy III(VI), but it's hazy!

Oh wow... how could I forget about pokemon?

So yeah, Pokemon Red was my very first RPG.

User Info: yukaru00

4 years ago#280
My first was Digimon World 2.
Now playing P2 Tsumi. Damn that game mechanic.. real tiring but still good

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