Your first RPG

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User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#281
Also, learned english with it.
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User Info: Cantido

4 years ago#282
Super Mario RPG.

And what a great way to start it was :D
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User Info: Kite91

4 years ago#283
My first RPG was Super Mario RPG. This was when I sucked at RPGs. Couldn't even beat the Hammer Bros... Now I can play through it in my sleep.

Anyway, I started playing more RPGs and became a fan, also gradually got better. There was a topic about Persona 3 on a forum I regularly go to and I decided to try it. Loved it. Then I went on to get Persona 4 when it came out.
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#284

And it's still my favorite.
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User Info: Lestat-

4 years ago#285
Might be showing my age a bit but Dragon Warrior/Quest 1 on the NES. I was terrible at it of course being only like 7 at the time. But it was great. Didn't play another rpg until final fantasy 2/4. By then I understood the concepts and fell in love with the genre.
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User Info: Kalanyr

4 years ago#286

One of those basic graphic dungeon crawlers off a freeware disc back in 1994. Can't even remember the name. A demo of Elder Scrolls: Arena sticks out in my mind too.

First RPG that I remember playing well ? Castle of the Winds. Though it may have been WarWizard or Aethra Chronicles. I don't remember what order I played those in. Would have been somewhere between 94 and 98, I also played Dark Sun Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager somewhere late in the latter half of that period.

There was a NES at my grandparents house around 93, but that didn't give much opportunity for the kind of time you'd have to put into an RPG so I never used it for that, I did mess around with Legend of Zelda but yeah, time.

My first "console" RPG was Pokemon in 98, got a Gameboy Pocket just for it. Though I'd played it on an emulator before.

Started proper console RPG gaming with the PS2 in 2003, first RPG I played there was Final Fantast X. I'd played FFVIII on the PC around 2000, so it wasn't my introduction to Final Fantasy.

User Info: natsume20

4 years ago#287
Final Fantasy 6 on the PS1.
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User Info: grungolah

4 years ago#288
LoveSheep posted...
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord 1981.

A strong entry!

User Info: Zekun

4 years ago#289
Final Fantasy I
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User Info: us_rname

4 years ago#290
Super Mario RPG! And the Pokemons. But other than those I think my first RPG was Kingdom Hearts

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