What weapon you want P5 MC use instead of a cliche sword?

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User Info: Talgrund

4 years ago#121
Hedge Clippers

User Info: Lawman_316

4 years ago#122
A pink flamingo. Or music CDs thrown like shuriken.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 years ago#123
Minamo posted...
Fists. The great thing about Tales of Eternia is that you get a fist user almost instantly, Farah, AND shes a female. Rare as all hell in games. The only other female fist users I can think of off the top of my head that aren't player-created are Ilia in Star Ocean1 and Mirage in Star Ocean 3, but shes real late in the game sadly.

I've always been fond of fists in games, especially those with magic/large weaponry/guns; to become a martial artist in a universe with destructive magic and giant swords just seems badass and hilarious.

3 words: Tales of Legendia. Guess what weapon the MC uses ^_^
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User Info: DFlo15

4 years ago#124
Idk... kimda against this actually id rather keep the sword hell its one of the reasons why i mained narukami in p4a
Why is yukkiko such a pain in the ass to use?;/

User Info: mahoshojo03

4 years ago#125
I'd say the next Persona MC should dual-wield a pair of Winchester Model 1887 sawed-off lever action shotguns.

And then they should make it so that these dual shotguns have two kinds of normal attacks: a melee combo and a ranged attack.

When the MC performs the ranged attack, he unloads both shotguns at his enemies, dealing heavy physical damage to all the enemies. However, after making a ranged attack, the shotguns have to be reloaded manually, which consumes a turn. Also, the shotguns consume shotgun shells, and these ammunition have to be bought from the store or obtained from drops/chests. Without shotgun shells in the inventory, the MC cannot shoot the guns or reload. However, at the start of every battle, the shotguns start loaded with ammo by default, so the MC could start off with a ranged attack.

If the MC does not have shotgun shells in his inventory or does not reload after doing a ranged attack, he can only perform a melee attack, in which he uses his shotguns as bashing weapons, and like any other characters' normal attacks, the melee combo only does light physical damage to one foe.

I mean, swords, chairs, and fans are fine and all, but if there's gonna be anything that will scare and intimidate serial killers and copycat killers in the Japanese boonies and put them back in their place, it would be some no-nonsense MC wielding a pair of shotguns from the Wild West.

User Info: soldjango

4 years ago#126
Hiroshida posted...
yea, being able to equip any weapons would be nice...if not, I'll settle for a nice double metal claws.

Or they could think of some unique weapons such as a machine gun inside a guitar case...

Misread that as a "machine gun inside of a coffin" do to my love of Boktai and its influences.

I could go for an MC with kataras, myself.
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User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#127
zhaoyun99 posted...

What's with all the Majutsu no Index fans on this board? Not that I mind, it's a pleasant surprise actually, one of my favorite anime.

User Info: Alias_Nemesis

4 years ago#128
Chaos Stryker posted...
Gonna go with scythes.

Don't really care how practical they are as a weapon. They look badass and that's all that really matters.

Because, let's be honest, most of your attacking is done with Personas anyways, so if you aren't going to use a weapon it might as well look cool while you hold it!

lol THIS!!!!
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User Info: demonsword765

4 years ago#129
Bus Stop Sign
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User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#130
If somebody said Scythe sucks then they NEVER SEE OROCHI, OROCHI X, and KIYOMASA OWNED EVERYTHING WITH A SCYTHE. BTW, from now on, the only cool sword main character for me would be Dante (NOT DONTE). Oh wait, he used his Ebony and Irony to owned EVERYTHING until bosses.
"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun
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