What weapon you want P5 MC use instead of a cliche sword?

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User Info: FScell

4 years ago#161
However according to the fanbase Innocent Sin is the "canon" Persona 2

Avoiding spoilers and staying brief I'll just say that No.. that's not how that works in the slightest.

Canon male protagonist in P3 is accurate, however.
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User Info: EvilMoogle

4 years ago#162
Using the persona as a stand (jojo bizarre).

User Info: CaptainSackboy

4 years ago#163
dethK10 posted...
Maybe she (yes, it'll be a she) holds her keys between her fingers like Wolverine claws? Then punches shadows in the eyes and groin.

I HIGHLY doubt that the main character of Persona 5 will be a girl.

User Info: ken133

4 years ago#164
A Vibrator :D

User Info: Illusive_Vorcha

4 years ago#165
2X4 with nail.
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User Info: raizen912

4 years ago#166
He should use a drill....THE DRILL THAT SHALL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!....no seriously a drill like weapon would actually be cool, like a double-sided drill lance thing. I think they can do something interesting in gameplay with that.

User Info: WhiteSword7

4 years ago#167
Protagonist with dual guns
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User Info: schadow

4 years ago#168
ken133 posted...
A Vibrator :D


Let's be honest with ourselves. This game is almost a pimping sim.
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User Info: avenue20

4 years ago#169

User Info: auraofmenace

4 years ago#170
I don't really see the need to mess with the formula. Swords are fine. Save the bizarre and flashy weapons for the party members.

Have a main character be an Iaijutsu practitioner. Iaido is a martial art based on the combat style, providing a real world possibility for proficiency, and the quick draw style allows flashy attacks while keeping the sword.

Stereotypical? Sure. But it's still a cool thing to watch.
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  3. What weapon you want P5 MC use instead of a cliche sword?

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