So spoilers... Who is the main character's girlfriend(canon )?

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User Info: darker95

4 years ago#61
i`d would have to say marie is canon since she is you might know who and it makes since because her story was just i got this from someone else, was just another megami tensei.

and something i noticed in p3 yuakri as the lover and aigis was aeon and in the answer yukari shows anger/jealousy toward aigis like rise shows toward marie who is not of man like aigis and is of the aeon.
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#62
There is no canon relationship in this game.

"It's Marie!"
No it isn't.
"B-But the true ending says so!"
No it doesn't. Only if you choose to be romantically involved with her, which is optional just like every other girl. Margret kisses you before you leave. Does that make her the canon love interest? Naoto says she wants to go home with you on the train. Does that make her the canon love interest? Same logic. Uh oh, does that mean there's 3 canon love interests? but that makes no sense! Here's a hint: It's not canon. Just one of many options.

"It's Rise!"
No, it's not.
"B-but it's canon in the manga!"
The manga isn't canon. The game is. That's like saying Chie is the canon love interest because the Anime seems to push more toward that pairing. The anime isn't canon either.

"It's Yukiko!"
"B-but the game seems to push them as lovers!"
When and how? She doesn't flirt with him like Rise does and she hangs around Chie a lot more. And whenever she is alone with you outside of a Social Link, it's because everyone else had to do something else, usually something stupid Yosuke or Teddie did with Chie leading the charge.

In order for a romance to be canon, it needs to be a romance that is referenced within a game's narrative without it being something that is an optional quest (or in this game's case, Social links). Therefore, in order for there to be a "canon" relationship, the game would have had to make a pre-determined girlfriend for Yu regardless of whatever social links he did and it would have had to have been referenced in the main narrative somewhere regardless of social link status. This never happens.

Long rant short, there is no canon romance. Anyone who tries to argue otherwise has no concept of "canon" and "optional."
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User Info: Nightmare637

4 years ago#63
well....this place blew up.

wish I was here for the show.

User Info: Valege

4 years ago#64
I like Marie or Naoto for the canon gf, just because they thematically fit more than the others.
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User Info: RavenShinobi

4 years ago#65
None is canon since the game gives you the option to romance or friend-zone any or all of them. I've come across some people who insist that Yu/Rise is canon, but I would hardly call one-sided flirting canon.

As for me, I like Naoto the best as Yu's gf. They look great together and loved how her love for Yu in her lover route had changed her entire life.
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User Info: metamara

4 years ago#66
Play p4 arena. You see the truth about yu's tastes.

User Info: HikariAruu

4 years ago#67
Rise is MC's canon girlfriend in the manga based on the vanilla Persona 4.
Yukiko is, unfortunately, linked romantically with MC in the manga based on Golden.

I think what a lot of people are forgetting that yes, the game shows that Yukiko has a great deal of affection towards the MC, but it's not really returned unless the player chooses to. That doesn't mean she's more canon than anyone else, it means that she's more of a romantic than anyone else. Because you can still have MC snub her, or stick to being friends.
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User Info: CaptainSackboy

4 years ago#68
Why do people frequently make topics about what is "canon" in this series?

User Info: VenusAdeptIsaac

4 years ago#69
CaptainSackboy posted...
Why do people frequently make topics about what is "canon" in this series?

I don't know. :/

Why argue over the protagonist's canonical love interest when it is completely up to the person playing the game? He friendzones all the girls in the anime and Persona 4 Arena. Atlus is obviously going to let people decide for themselves.

User Info: Kryuzei

4 years ago#70
I believe that all the members liked him to a certain point even if you don't romance them. I mean, that scene during ski trip seems to suggest that all the girls want to be alone with Yu and was troubled because of Rise lol.

Anyway, I personally think it's Marie because of the whole izanami x izanagi thing.
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