Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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User Info: HighIQ

5 years ago#111
For RPG battle system -- Grandia 3.

Rather nice hybrid of active and turns, without counterattacks and such.<<<<<

I remember Grandia 2 being the best, It's been ALONG time since I played 3, but It not only wasn't nearly as good of a game, I don't think the combat system was as good as 2 either. They changed it.
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User Info: HighIQ

5 years ago#112
Turn-based battle systems are pseudo-challenging if you ask me... there's little skill required, and there's virtually no chance of winning if you face a monster way far leveled than you. The level of challenge consists on how much do you grind, and how much do you know about the mechanics. Master those two and the battles will become a lot easier<<<<

First of all, nothing the average 12 year old can do is challenging. The best games give the illusion of being challenging or in your case the delusion of being challenging.

I personally much prefer turn based but there are bad turned based and there are also good real time combat games. I try all the games, even the real time ones, but just about any turn based game I will like and most of the real time ones I don't.

Turn based games far more strategy is required because you have time to think and decide what you are going to do. Real time games for the most part are reflex. If you are strong in reflex and not so good in the logical brain department you are going to prefer realtime. But, they are in my opinion far less challenging as games go.

The best combat system was Grandia 2 which was a turn based, realtime hybrid.
It doesn't matter if you teleport with a wand or a transporter. It's still magic....

User Info: WiiFan77

5 years ago#113
Devil Survivor. It has the deepest, most complex mechanics I've seen in an RPG.

If SRPGs don't count, then I'd say P4G. But I don't think the bosses/enemies really take full advantage of the system. I felt it wasn't used to the fullest. That being said, my vote would go to SMT: Nocturne.
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

5 years ago#114
Demon's Souls.
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User Info: azadcapoeira95

5 years ago#115
. . .yeah i love legend of legaia,disgaea.FF! ! !

User Info: UnderratedGamer

5 years ago#116
Easily Vagrant Story or Xenogears. But I also like the simplicity of Dragon Warrior's and Breath of Fire's system. Shining Force is probably the best too.

I'd put Chrono Cross too, but then I remembered CT's was better and I didn't think CT had the best of the best. Tales of Symphonia also had a pretty good one too. But I think that I'd have to put all Tales games up there if I did.

Turn-based = Xenogears, Dragon Warrior, Shining Force (preferably 2), Shadow Hearts

Action-based = Vagrant Story, Tales of Symphonia
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User Info: Danahell

5 years ago#117
For me it's FFX-2.

It was faster than the previous ATB based systems, it allowed actions to overlap making battles flow better, but wasn't that fast like in XII or XIII so you can still control your whole party. If they could mix it with Chrono Trigger's seamless battles and doble/triple techs I think it would be perfection.
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User Info: brainfriiz

5 years ago#118
AoNoise posted...
Valkyrie Profile 2 (Mages broke VP1) had one of the most complex systems I've ever seen in a RPG and FFXIII without actually grinding for hours was as intense as quasi-turn based combat is ever gonna be.

Those two alone surpass P4 by much, even though it's a great battle system.

Glad to hear that about VP2. I just started 1 and Nanami has one shot every battle in chapter 2!

User Info: Shishio07

5 years ago#119
Probably Skies of Arcadia, the ship battles are sick. The worst would have to be FF12, they completely nerfed the battle system, I can't count how many times I died just because the character using an item or casting magic has to wave thier hand first and because multi-cures only do one character at a time, so by the time it reaches my third member they're usually dead. I also can't stand how your attacks cancel out if you kill an opponent, in every other Final Fanatsy if you killed a guy and still had an attack lined up it just moved onto the next enemy.

User Info: Pigfarts

5 years ago#120
old school FF7, suikoden type turn based.
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