Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#51
From: thirdsage | #049
The Tales of games hands down!


Got me alot of runners up though.

User Info: sevihaimerej

4 years ago#52
Best skill progression is between xenosaga 3 and breath of fire 4's master system while most fun battle flows a tie between legend of legaia, Star ocean 3 and Valkyrie profile 2
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#53
Lunar 2
Record of Agarest War
Front Mission 4
every Dragon Warrior/Quest game (who said simple couldnt be good? the bosses are difficult enough to make the battles interesting) not like FF10 where the bosses are easy, and the battle system is idiot proof
Tales of Legendia (havent played other Tales of games, not sure if theyre similar)

not in that order, but those are all good battle systems...
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User Info: kratoscar2008

4 years ago#54
The Growlanser series has the best battle system i have seen in my life, second only to Nocturne and DDS press turn system.
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User Info: Socran

4 years ago#55
cjjohnston posted...
Legend of Dragoon is the only correct answer.

For anyone who likes Legend of Dragoon for it's "turn-based, but press the button at the right time to combo" battle system, I'm gonna have to recommend Endless Frontier. Instead of "press X when it tells you to", you just hit it at whatever you feel is the right time to properly juggle your enemy with the next attack you lined up in your list (or press it early to get a cancel bonus and charge your super attack meter). Or to call in an assist character to use their own attack. Or to automatically end that character's turn and move on to the next one in the middle of the combo (although it does skip that character's buff/item phase). It's surprisingly simplistic, but keeps you engaged beyond simply watching your characters attack, and looks something like this (although this video is from the Japan-only sequel):

A shame that game was practically unknown, as I'd love for other RPGs to take inspiration from it. Granted, I'm sure a lot of people passed it up because they saw how oversexualized the female characters were and assumed it was a porn game... I love how self-aware and snarky about it they were, though.
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#56
Xenogears comes to mind, as well as the SMT/Persona system on the whole, namely physical skills using HP instead of MP

User Info: Crevox

4 years ago#57
My favorite battle system is Tales.

User Info: Superturkeys

4 years ago#58
Kingdom Hearts BBS. Excellent action RPG that holds so much diversity in how you can play it. While it stills holds some button mashing elements, advanced options do exist. Besides, for a spinoff with no Sora or Roxas and average storytelling to be known as the best non-numbered KH game, gameplay is life itself.

Consolation prize: TWEWY. 'Nuff said.
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User Info: Fatalyze

4 years ago#59
I think I'm going to go with Baten Kaitos. Now, a lot of card-based games are slow and boring, but Baten Kaitos did it RIGHT. Fun, fast, exciting... everything!

User Info: Exilious

4 years ago#60
Knights of the Old Republic

D20-based active battle with ability to pause and queue up abilities
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