Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#61
FFX-2: Pace and complete control over all party members.
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#62
Chrono Cross or Legend of Legaia
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User Info: benhod

4 years ago#63
Well straight away any action RPG's (except Dark Chronicle i could actually tolerate that) are off my radar, can't stand them along with any RPG that uses the utterly stupid can only control one character mechanic.
Absolutely love Strategy RPG's and my favourite battle system in that genre would be Disgaea's with all the lifting and throwing, magichanging, tower attacks etc.
Turn based i'd go with either Xenosaga's or FF7
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User Info: BlackWizardMagus

4 years ago#64
So many games. Valkyrie Profile (the first one, as Silmeria screwed it all up). Wild Arms was good for a turn-based. The Grandia series. Shadow Hearts and Legend of Dragoon were good if you were capable of using them well (I was only average). But my favorite is probably the Tales games (Abyss and Vesperia being my favorites). It's not just because they are real time (actually, those are usually bad), but they just have such a great balance. I just have alot of fun when I'm simultaneously beating enemies to death but also monitoring and commanding my other guys when need be, without one aspect overwhelming the other. And there's a fair amount of thought to put into the pre-battle setup too.
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User Info: LilFunnyCat

4 years ago#65
Eternal Sonata.
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User Info: Sheepkin

4 years ago#66
My favorites are probably Parasite Eve, Valkyrie Profile and SMT: Devil Summoner 2

User Info: murdochAV

4 years ago#67
The Temple of Elemental Evil had really fun combat in my opinion, probably my favorite in an RPG. Turn-based tactics based off DnD 3.5 I think. It was good the combat in that game was so fun, cause the story didn't have much going for it, hehe

User Info: Syserin

4 years ago#68
cjjohnston posted...
Legend of Dragoon is the only correct answer.

Honorable mentions to Legend of Legaia and Xenogears.

Definitely agree on Legend of Dragoon. The addition system in this game i loved because it actually made you pay attention instead of just mindless mashing the same button. Most of the time i multitask like two or three things while playing a game - this is one game i can't. Only thing that could make this system better is if improved on it to allow free movement within a battlefield or multiple button to tap instead of constant 'X'.

User Info: pariah23

4 years ago#69
For JRPGs, Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

User Info: umbra_fuhrer

4 years ago#70
For me, FFX and MS Saga a New Dawn are both pretty much top of the list. Crisis Core is also up there as well. And if we can count it as an RPG, Dissidia.

Not sure why TC says FF battle systems should be banned from the topic. I find them interesting and fun most of the time. Saying FF should be banned should ban alot more games from the list honestly.

EDIT: Not sure if I have to explain why I like the systems. FFX was my first FF, and after playing most of the either main numbered ones, I just liked it the best. It was fun and hard to explain why its my favorite. I can understand why people dont like it, thats for sure.

Crisis Core: Was just a fun unique style for an RPG that was really fresh and new when I played it.

Dissidia: Just a really addicting system. Makes for some awesome gameplay.

MS Saga A new Dawn: The system had some great ideas for customization. You get a MS, can customize its arms, shoulders, legs, weapons, back parts, extra parts, paint, and names tog et some really unique things out in the battlefield. Spent lots of time just making my units and sending them into random battles just to see how they would do compared to others.
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  3. Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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