The Reeeeaper.

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User Info: ArgentumVir

4 years ago#31
Umm, I think I was around level 40. My moves were doing 50 damage apiece. I thought I was doing pretty good until he dropped a 1300 damage deuce on my party. I had to redo like an hour of grinding.
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User Info: JiroHarukin

4 years ago#32
Drakillion posted...
^ May I ask what's your level? I was level 83 with my party 80 on Normal. I only fought the Reaper twice but it seems luck based on his moves. I remember, all it did was cast break spells on my characters and Magarudyne. Second time, it did back-to-back Megidolaons, then Maragidyne, Yuki gets downed and it nukes us with Megidolaon.

Just pray the RNG gods decide to not have the Reaper use "All-In" tactics.

My MC was level 80. Everyone else with me 75-76. Im leveling up quick so by the time i see him again ill have better Personas and moves and maybe find the level cap.

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