I used to wear my jacket like Kanji alot back in Highschool....

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  3. I used to wear my jacket like Kanji alot back in Highschool....

User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#21
I don't wear coats like that because, well, it gets really effin' cold sometimes.

User Info: Alias_Nemesis

4 years ago#22
megasoniczxx posted...
Paradox_Knight posted...
After I was done with high school, during winter time for about a year or two, I used to wear a heavy black cloth winter trenchcoat with a light amount of vines and flowers wrapped around the left arm of my coat.

I used to and still just choose to wear whatever the hell I want. During my first year in high school I had my custom made Philemon mask dangling from my shoulder bag for a good year or so. Was studying in cinematography.

Best memory of College: Surprising the hell out of everyone when I decided to instantly give a detailed analysis of a made-on-the-spot play during an acting class where students were given props and were told to make a scene on the spot, detailing out the themes of fate, time, death and rebirth and other such high concepts that made everyone including the teacher give a short pause of disbelief as they all turned to look at me as if they never suspected me to have a brain.

Isn't it great when everyone continuously underestimates you? You can just uppercut their brain with the sudden realization that "Holy crap. This guy's actually smart!" Though to be fair. I do tend to act lighthearted and buffoon like whenever I'm not donning my intellectual cap. Acting all smart all the time gets tiring quick and it's just more fun to be lively and whatnot. Though that does come with the fact that nearly everyone will stereotype you as some lazy brainless bum.

Wow this is so spot on its not even funny and with how much most people discourage originality these days this must be a great feeling.

D-did you wear ur jacket like Kanji?
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User Info: Paradox_Knight

4 years ago#23
Nowadays I have a faux black leather jacket. It's good for autumn, winter and spring. Every now and again, I don't bother putting on the sleeves I just toss it unto my shoulders.

Just wear what you want, so long as it doesn't get you arrested, and how you want, so long as it doesn't get you arrested.
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User Info: LysanderxX

4 years ago#24
I like you, Paradox_Knight. You're smart. I like a lot of people in this thread, really. Also, the flowers sound pretty cool. Funny hat the guy who acted all manly man was actually gay, although I've heard stories like that before.

I'm reminded of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In the private school he went to with his cousin, they had uniforms. Will noticed how great the lining of the sport coats are and wore his inside out from then on. He always enjoyed being who he wanted to be. A lot of people grew to want to be like him.

I got more weird looks and odd things when I was an LDS missionary, and not just because that means walking around in a suit most of the year for two years. Of course, I laughed when people would look at me funny, and I'd shoot a weird look right back at them. A lot of missionaries had trouble with things like that, though, and understandably so. Many wished all the time that they could be like the regular civilians, and some never managed to get over their fears.

One of my friends has a good time walking around his college campus and all over town in his fur suit, and he's had more than a few interesting times because of it. Most people don't know what to think when seeing him, but some people get a big kick out of it. A little girl write him a love note for his character.

I think you will find more good than bad will come of being who you are.
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  3. I used to wear my jacket like Kanji alot back in Highschool....

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