Can't help but be surprie about Dojima.. *spoilers*

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  3. Can't help but be surprie about Dojima.. *spoilers*

User Info: cheatermaster

4 years ago#1
Whenever I play the ps2 game, I can't help but be surprise that unlike everyone in the police force he wasn't convinced that Mitsuo was the murderer. It's just well, everyone in the police believe they caught the right guy, especially when they got evidence that linked Mitsuo to Mr. Morooka's death. Hell, he, Nanako, the protagonist and Adachi did had that celebration after Kubo's arrest which kind of made me assume Dojima did believe Mitsuo was the murderer.

Yet when he brought the protagonist in for questioning after the second warning letter, Adachi admited to the protagonist that Dojima was reinvestigating the first two murder saying that he wasn't convinced about Mitsuo. I'm begining to wonder if Dojima did thought Mitsuo was the culprit, but then he had doubts after Naoto's disappearance. Maybe her disappearance is what made Dojima had doubts about Mitsuo. It's either that or he never actually believed they caught the right culprit all along.

User Info: KuwagataHero

4 years ago#2
He's only special because he's written to be that way.

He's a detective, who takes his job seriously. He has good intuition, he notices the discrepancies in the case, such as the fact that only Morooka's body had traces of a method of murder, and actually tries to put the pieces together.

It's really only because he doesn't believe in and doesn't awaken to the TV powers that he doesn't solve the case.

Basically, he's made to be ace detective that would be successful if the case weren't steeped in such unusual and unrealistic circumstances.
If I'm being ignorant, please enlighten me.
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  3. Can't help but be surprie about Dojima.. *spoilers*

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