I have proof that Chie is... [SPOILERS]

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  3. I have proof that Chie is... [SPOILERS]

User Info: DB-RB

4 years ago#31
do i have to be high to understand this?
The official Drake, Toro, and Sir Daniel of the PSABR boards.

User Info: metamara

4 years ago#32
Eat meat.

User Info: Doru_Dinn

4 years ago#33
Technically birth controls (for some women with light periods) can basically make them nonexistant. The title "carnivore who has discarded womanhood" did intend promiscuity, but think about what high schoolers would think if they found out a girl took birth conyrol. I'm not implying she is intended to be promiscuous, there are reasons for women to take birth control aside from birth control and painful periods. In fact, if I intend to imply anything, its that the creators didn't create an in depth world unyeilding to future changing possibility and designed from the ground up using real life physics, reason, and anatomy. I didn't imply that well, though. I'm sorry. :(
You've got to admit that there's a certain inherent epicness in the Hero running around looking like Hobo Link.
- Guruda on Dragon Quest VII
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  3. I have proof that Chie is... [SPOILERS]

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