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User Info: SkybladeNox

4 years ago#11
From: Paradox_Knight | #008
Silly Skybladenox.

While yes. Digital distribution is handy, it's far from becoming the sole means of distributing games in the future. Physical retail is not going to die anytime soon nor in the next few years and anyone who thinks that it will are living a pipe dream.

There's a few troubles and problems to jump over first and foremost and one large one that's growing more problematic is online services. Bandwidth is an issue and so is digital storage space but also we're not slowly, but rather rapidly reaching a can terms of usable airwave for internet access. While some are preaching the fiber optic master race, this is just one hurdle among many that are going to impede in a digital only future.

Wait maybe 3-4 more gaming generations first. That means, maybe in 20-25 years. And even then. If DVDs and Blu-Rays or whatever physical retail equivalent pops up in the future continues to exist. Then you can bet your ass that retail will continue to exist for games too. So feel free to keep on pushing back that date about a few 5 years each time until you grow tired of speculating about which console will become digital only and just enjoy the coming future of digital and retail combined consoles that we're going to have for the next few gaming generations.

"Bandwidth limitations" are little more than lies, and nothing more than scams. You're sounding like an old man with a huge white beard, shaking his cane about the good old days and how the VCR will never die. You really think that as long as there's a physical medium available that it's going to continue to be widely used? Do you know how business works? The very second that digital-only breaks the cost-effectiveness barrier, physical distribution will be dropped like a bad habit. At most, it'll be reserved for "special editions."

All that aside, it's still a foolish reason to not play a great game.

User Info: Paradox_Knight

4 years ago#12
It'll take more then cost efficiency. This threatens multiple jobs, multiple industries and multiple business relationships.

You are literally oversimplifying a case here for the idea that things will just magically transform into a digital only world where the transition is not going to be a smooth and efficient one.

It is literally leaving a whole market in the hope that this market will follow you without question and that's not going to happen until they become habituated to the new market, that's a lot of potential money to be had and again, there are multiple layers here at work. I only briefly touched on a single one and you're poking fun at me for just touching one aspect. That's nice. But you can't just try to dump this idea and expect everyone to just nod and agree that "Yes. In 5 to 10 years, everything will be digital only".

It's a pipe dream right now.

And yes... I DO agree with you. It IS a silly reason to not play a good game.

Yes, it's a shame for those who like retail when a game comes digital only, but that by itself is no reason to not play a good game that you know you'll enjoy.
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