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User Info: GrindRaXcess

4 years ago#1

Im planning to buy this game on europe release but idk Anything about it.
I also never played persona Before. So here a few questions:
1. Does it have an open world?
2. Is there an online mode? (If yes, is it active?)
3. Are there many collectable things?
4. Good story?
5. Is it boring after some time cuz nothing new happens?

Thanks :)

PS: i love rpg's. I played the crap out of MH, PSPo2, PSPo2i, MHFU etc.
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User Info: jliddell

4 years ago#2
1.) Sort of. There is a linear progression of the dungeons opening up, but it sort of works on a calander system, you basically decide what you want to do for a whole year, and you can make whatever decisions you want to, but they usually involve "how will I spend my day" rather than any serious game-altering events.

2.) Not really, well there is, but it's just like this thing that tells you what decisions some other people have made or something. Just pretend it doesn't exist I guess.

3.) Yup. Crap tons. But they are also usable items in this game. You can collect monsters sort of like a more adulterated pokemon, there is a hugely detailed system of combining them and skill transfer and whatnot. Also weapons and items must be purchased from a store that only sells them when you give the owner the proper items to create it. Which are all found from various monsters or whatnot and some only on certain days or under weather conditions etc... A ton of stuff to do.

4.) Amazing story. Very slice-of-life. However, if you don't care for anime, well, you won't like it.

5.) There is always something new happening. Every couple of days there is some new social event, a meeting, a school trip, something to spice things up, not including the major story of the game which takes place all over the place.

If you like RPG's this game is a no brainer. It's one of the best games, period. BUT, it's nothing like Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star. It's more along the lines of a turn based RPG, think Dragon Quest, and many old super-famicom RPG's.

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
4 years ago#3
I wouldn't say the story is amazing. In fact, the story itself is really nothing special. It's the characters that drive it. Persona 3 does have an awesome story though.

User Info: GrindRaXcess

4 years ago#4
So this isnt about killing giant bosses and killing tons of monsters and farming their stuff?

Thanks so far
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User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#5
GrindRaXcess posted...
So this isnt about killing giant bosses and killing tons of monsters and farming their stuff?

Thanks so far

Strangely enough, hanging out with friends and working part time may get you a lot farther than if you just farm every day. Wouldn't say you can't, but it gets boring if you do it so much.
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#6
yeah TC, this is nothing like PSP2 & MH. Here are some vids (Don't mind the Japanese VA. The released version has full ENG VA & text)

The game is amazing. I was completely addicted to it when I first got it. Sucked away like 50 hours from me in a month...
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User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#7
It's a balance between your social life and fighting.

As you level up your social life it levels up your fusion abilities connected to that person. While fighting you level up and use Persona (Mons) in combat. Personas are fused together to create higher level Persona. (Your social life, known as Social-Links, give that fused persona added levels.)

Combat is kinda close to Final Fantasy X (closest mainstream title I can think of.) only it's more focused on abusing weaknesses.

Now gear is just as balanced, you can turn in drops for monsters to buy weapons, chests, buy them from a TV shopping program, use gems gotten from rare monsters and from a fishing minigame.

The game has more freedom than any JRpg in a long while becides the monthly goal and various planned events (such as midterm tests or getting together with your friends for a beach trip.), you can do whatever you want.... spend time with your friends, work at a job, do quests, go to the movies, eat Chinese, study for tests, fight in a dungeon, ride your motorcycle, go fish etc.

You are a second year high school student who has to balance building a circle of friends, solve main story's problem, and other things... Half Visual Novel half traditional RPG itmight sound weird but everything comes together very well.
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