Canon Relationship?

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User Info: porkins_da_man

4 years ago#1
Who do you think should be Yu's canon GF? Personally, I say It's Chie. I know some people say that the Lovers Arcana is the canon one, but think of it this way. In P3, Yukari is considered canon. She's the first female party member and persona you meet, so is Chie. Also if you get the female Gekoukan oufit and equip it to her, her victory pose is the same as Yukari's. Plus, Im not sure if it's because I made her my girlfriend, but ever time Rise started hitting on Yu, Chie would get really mad at her. That's just my opinion, hopefully if you play as Yu again in Persona 5 you can actually decide who's the canon choice. Also, since I went with Yu/Chie I would also go with Yosuke/Yukiko and Kanji/Naoto.

User Info: ConMan8

4 years ago#2
Yu romances everyone but spends dates with the guys instead.
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User Info: alienhamster

4 years ago#3
See, I always saw Yosuke/Chie going on.

Kanji/Naoto is a definite too.

Which leaves either Yukiko or Rise, and I just prefer Rise.
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User Info: KhaoticOne

4 years ago#4
I find it a little weird you paired up Yosuke/Yukiko. But then again its kind of the point of fan-shipping.

I mean any interaction is good interaction to deepen a relationship (any), so Chie and Yosuke is a better fit for shipping. Their constant bickering is reminiscent to a married couples. And they were friends to some extent before Brotag (they had each other phone numbers). While him with Yukiko is basically bar none, with some failed flirting in the beginning than it all drops after she finds out how she really is.

Heck Naoto probably has more interactions with him compared to Yukiko and she spent the least amount of time with the IT crew.

But going back OT, i hope Atlus just keeps it up in airs. I feel it kind of undermines the bond the Protagonist shares with his team when he has a specific relationship with one of them. Its easier to leave things ambiguous and is probably a good compromise instead of shipping everybody together and potentially pissing raging fans off. Though if they do i wouldn't be bothered, I enjoyed all the characters so as long as they don't pull too much out of their ass and their choices have some sense in them.

User Info: Yu-no-Mikoto

4 years ago#5
Atlus seem to make Aigis the canon pairing for P3MC and her S.Link is the Aeon.

There's a huge possibility that Atlus is making Marie the canon pairing for Yu, given the number of special treatment and love-hate drama between Yu and Marie.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 years ago#6
Yosuke and Chie is canon. During the stakeout Chie chooses to go with Yosuke and she goes on all-fours while Yosuke stands close behind her. Also, in4A's stpry mode, Chie says she wants Yosuke to live inside her.
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User Info: metamara

4 years ago#7
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User Info: kratoscar2008

4 years ago#8
His canon GF is his hand, Arena comfirm this. So much for Yu´s "Swag".
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User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#9
Canon Yu is a forever alone.

User Info: RinkuTanuki

4 years ago#10
Yukiko. You can tell by the boxart.
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