Canon Relationship?

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User Info: porkins_da_man

4 years ago#31
ConMan8 posted...
SazukeEX posted...
Yukari is the canon lover hence why she was so unstable in the Answer because she wanted to get back with man that she loved and he loved her.

The P3MC romanced every girl he knew, though. Can't go friends route on that game. Everyone would have wanted him back.

porkins_da_man posted...
You don't have to spoil her link, you just need to mention her, both arena and golden were developed and released around the same time.

You'd have a bunch of confused non-Japanese players if that happened. Golden came out way later than Arena in English-speaking countries.
Also, Arena was made by different people- maybe they didn't know about Marie.

The initial trailer that reveled Marie as a character was released in march of 2012. The ARCADE version of Persona 4 arena was released in March as well, however this did not feature a detailed story. The console release which had an actual story was released July 26, 2012, which is plenty of time in between to add one little line of dialogue refreshing one person. Also, while true P4A was made by a different company, Atlus was still in charge of the development and dictated the story.

User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#32
Marie is filler hueuhueuhueuheueuhue

But yeah, there is no canon relationship. Just accept it people.

User Info: porkins_da_man

4 years ago#33
Kuxal posted...
Marie is filler hueuhueuhueuheueuhue

But yeah, there is no canon relationship. Just accept it people.

I think that's the best way to look at it. You decide yourself who's canon or not.

User Info: AdventShadow02

4 years ago#34
porkins_da_man posted...
AdventShadow02 posted...
lol @ YuxChie. They have the weakest romantic relationship imo(even when you ask her out there it's nothing special about it, he asks it like it was a normal question. No super duper lovey moment or nothing.) As far as Canon relationship goes it's either:

1.Rise(the only girl not afraid to show her affection. The manga also paired those two irc. Don't forget the lovers arcana)

2.Marie(IzanagixIzanami and not to mention you can't screw up her Valentine's date)

3.Yukiko(from a personality perspective they are perfect for each other.)

1. Canon cant be restricted to the lovers arcana because Aigis is also considered canon and she's Aeon. Yeah, she showed her affection, but Yu never showed affection to her unless it was in the link. In Persona 3, you could tell they were going for Yukari for canon because of the scene on the beach were actual chemistry happens. Face it, Rise crossed the line from showing affection to being like tuti from Fairy oddparents.

2. Marie isnt even in, or mentioned in Arena, which is a canon game. Plus, you kill Izanami, which breaks apart the IzanagixIzanami thing.

Plus since Chie's was the only one non-lovey dovey one when asking her, it makes her link stand out, same reason why she wasn't blasted during the kings game.

1. Uuuumm you do realize that arena took place before the epilogue right? You do realize that Marie disappeared and didn't reappear until after the the epilogue happened right? You do realize that Marie is izanami right? You do realize that it isn't even possible to friendzone her right? Have you done the ski trip? Have you read the manga? To do know that the manga paired those two......right?

User Info: Yu-no-Mikoto

4 years ago#35
SazukeEX posted...
Yu-no-Mikoto posted...
Atlus seem to make Aigis the canon pairing for P3MC and her S.Link is the Aeon.

There's a huge possibility that Atlus is making Marie the canon pairing for Yu, given the number of special treatment and love-hate drama between Yu and Marie.

Yukari is the canon lover hence why she was so unstable in the Answer because she wanted to get back with man that she loved and he loved her. Aigis is still unknown to what true love is but does care for MC even if it wasn't romantic.

Marie can't be canon as she didn't exist til Golden anyway and isn't in Arena at all.

That's an IDIOTIC, and MORONIC way of looking things.

She is CANON accept that fact. The party didn't mention her in the Arena because she had gone into the 'world of people's hearts' to absorb her other fragements.

The P-1 Gand Prix was their priority at the moment and they know from Yu that Marie was fine. So they don't have a reason to talk about her.

Plus the Golden ending is confirmed canon by Atlus which also confirms Marie's existence and Canonity.


......if only words could kill......
"I can't fight Marie!" Yu Narukami, Persona 4 Golden.

User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#36
Yu x all the girls is the closet thing to canon. Ship whatever or pretend whichever relationship is canon but there is no canon pairing. It's ultimately your decision as the player to choose who's the "canon" girl is. This was the case in past Persona titles. P1 MC had Maki and Elly to choose from. Tatsuya had Maya, Lisa, and Jun. Maya had the Suo brothers. P3 MC had all the girls too although you could argue a really strong case for Aigis and Yukari. It's just less obvious with this game.

Personally I would go for Chie, Naoto, and Marie since they are more my type IRL. Rise would be a good FWB or transitional girlfriend.
"Your arms are too short to box with God!"

User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#37
Look at it this way, the only reason Marie isn't seen in vanilla is the MC didn't rescue her thus everyone forgot about her.... Even Rise's lines in Golden's version of the Margaret fight change back to the vanilla version if you don't rescue her.

User Info: Mana_Runigha

4 years ago#38
The series works best with no canon romance. The shipping for this game is crazy and it's better that they never establish a true pairing.

All I really want to be canon is MinakoxShinjiro. If they ever revisit the female protagonist in P3, I want this.

User Info: ToraKyte

4 years ago#39
Judging from Arena and the anime, Narukami isn't in a relationship with anyone canonically. As for the others, I like to ship Chie x Yosuke 'cause they would make a good couple, even though the game doesn't really support it. And, of course, I'm Naoto x Kanji, even though I tend to date Naoto in-game.

User Info: Final_gale

4 years ago#40
Yeah, there really is no canon pairing. A bit of ship teasing here and there, but that's really it. In my opinion, the games hints at Yu x Yukiko the most though, unless you count Rise's constant flirting, which seemed to be a trait of hers that was used more as a running gag than anything else IMO. Chie and Naoto have least amount of ship teasing though. Marie's another likely contender, but I still think Yukiko was ship teased the most.

With Yukiko's Social Link, you have lines like "You felt a faint hint of love from Yukiko..." before you rank up during a couple events, her interactions with you during early Social Link events show that she has a small crush on Yu even before the chance to be lovers appears, (constant blushing, employees at the inn thinking she wants to cook for a boyfriend, etc.), before the fight with the true end boss, Yukiko lets Yu finish her sentence when she tells off the final boss, and during the true ending cutscene where they chase Yu's train to say some final goodbyes, Yukiko's the first to speak, Yu smiles at her, and then the rest of the team says their goodbyes.

I may be looking into it too much, but that's how I saw it. I don't mind though, since I like Yukiko, but Naoto's tied with her for my personal favorite girl, even though Naoto's one of the more unlikely candidates.
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